13 Fascinating Rectangle Backyard Ideas For Every Homeowner

Undoubtedly, a home’s backyard is one of its most underappreciated and neglected spaces. Although most people use it as storage space, it’s actually a wonderful space to create a relaxing seating area, a place for sustainable living, or simply just a garden with a scenic view.

Your backyard landscaping should be an expression of what’s going on inside your home. Regardless of your interior design, your backyard should look more colorful, relaxed, and fun. The only limitations are the landscape and your design abilities.

Explore these 13 rectangle backyard ideas showing you how to transform a backyard into your favorite outdoor living space.

13 Fascinating Rectangle Backyard Ideas

1. First, Let’s Talk About Planter Shapes!

Planters on a deck
©Jay Scotts

This is our specialty, and, our passion. As an industry leader in modern and innovative planters, we have seen backyards in all shapes and sizes. With a straight-back-and-sides style garden, planters are a great option to introduce visual texture and excitement.

You can either choose to soften the hardness of your garden with curved lines and elegant tapers, or embrace the singularity of surfaces and go only for squares and rectangles.

Using the power of rectangular straight lines, you can use such planters to direct the eyes. This is a common minimalist trick to increase focus and remove clutter – fortifying the existing lines.

Planters that soften the hardscape and really stand out in a rectangle garden include:

Planter shapes that fortify the visual order of a rectangle garden include:

See more planters ideas for your home!

2. Urban Backyard Getaway

Planters on a rooftop
©Botanical Concepts of Chicago / Jay Scotts

Let yourself be lost in the sunset view of this open backyard design and freshen your mind. This backyard design is perfect for homeowners who love to chill out and gossip with their family, having more than one living room can also be a great way to maximize space.

This design includes cozy seating areas with the warmth from a built-in fire pit in the table for the nighttime, all surrounded by nature and tall fences to give your seating area sublime privacy.

The color of these large planters is also in harmony with the surrounding landscape, which helps soften the aesthetics of the outdoor space.

Have no clue about the color combinations? Learn how to choose planter color: popular pot colors for various design styles

3. Tropical-Style Backyard Landscape Design

Tropical style backyard landscape design

If you are a nature lover, then this backyard landscape design is perfect for you! Using ground cover and pavers with tropical plants gives outdoor spaces texture and intrigue.

A long narrow yard is perfect for raised garden beds. Solar lighting around and in the low-growing plant beds is a wonderful addition to this design to really lift a boring backyard.

4. Classic Black & White

white and black for backyard ideas

One of the most enjoyable aspects of outdoor landscape design is adding your unique touch. This design may transform an average space into a stylish outdoor room if you appreciate clean lines and contrasting colors!

This design may be used in any component of the outdoor space, from partial walls and matching ceramics to outdoor furniture. It combines minimalism and beauty to create a stylish entertainment room.

5. Pathways For Access To Outdoor Living

Pathways for extra greenery and outdoor living

If you want to incorporate more garden beds but don’t want them to be solely around the perimeter of your backyard, leaving some room in the hardscape can give you space for the linear garden beds you desire! You’ll also be able to make gardening more enjoyable!

Sectioning-off landscape from your yard can help you designate more areas for living. Outdoor rooms with tables and chairs, an outdoor fire pit, or even a hot tub, can be divided effectively with pathways and flower beds and help make your space more cohesive in design.

6. An Outdoor Retreat In Small Gardens

A sheltered outdoor retreat in small gard

This rectangular backyard design is for individuals who adore the fresh air but prefer the comfort of privacy and artificial grass! You may draw back this retractable roof to have a better view of the sky or to cover your lawn for shelter.

A few more additions that can make this design more appealing are some string lights, or colorful and unique plant containers.

The beauty of upgrading your patio with awnings? Even small backyards can become accessible, no matter the weather – scorching sun or rain! For a more natural and modern feel, try using large trees to create that cover!

Sunken patio designs

This dining area is centered around a fire dish, although the spherical structure might equally well be a table or water feature. The solid rock wall surrounds made of natural granite blocks and steps going down to the flagstone patio provide a sunken room illusion, with lots of lush vegetation at the ground and wall level to offer a dose of nature and solitude.

While your garden may be rectangular, adding a circular patio is a simple solution to create visual interest and variety in limited space.

8. Use Hardscaping And Landscaping To Build A Safe Children’s Playground

safe children's playground
©m3l_86 / Pinterest.com

Parents all across the world realize the importance of incorporating their children’s toys into their backyard space. Because laughter usually results in tears, you can have grass or sand for the space where they play to prevent any painful slips.

Prioritizing a playground doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice garden. You can turn it into a more lively garden by adding more potted plants!

Learn more about landscaping with potted plants!

9. Potted Plants, Trees, & Bushes For Shade

rectangle backyard ideas
©Tiffanys PH WPB | Daniel Petroni

Are you a sucker for the warmth of the sun on your skin while you bask in the bliss of a vacation? The sensation of tranquil pampering as Vitamin D revitalizes your spirit. That luxury should not be limited to your annual holiday! You deserve to relax like this every day.

A sun-drenched backyard is an ideal location for a sun lounger. With elegant designs and timber furnishings, you may include resort-style elements in your landscape design.

To make your backyard garden suitable for everyone, whether in the scorching sun or not, add shade trees, particularly to the perimeter of your rectangular garden. Even better, put them in planters so you can arrange them further later when you want to change things up!

10. DIY Simple Backyard Garden Living

planter next to outdoor sofa
©Charles Lane Residence

Our project above, the “Charles Lane Residence” is a great example of landscaping ideas for minimalists.

Basic yet modern, this design emphasizes a seating area with an eye-catching orange planter providing a touch of greenery, and showing off the homeowner’s unique aesthetic taste. The vertical space is also utilized for sophisticated artwork. This simple outdoor living design has everything you need without paying for any labor or extra building work!

11. Use The Back Wall Of Your Rectangle Garden For An Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen

If a fire pit is not an option, but you still want to cook in your backyard, there are lots of tiny barbecues that may fit in the backyard of a house.

Barbeques often produce a lot of smoke, so utilize a wall in your garden to set up your cooking area that’s opposite your seating area – this is where the length of a rectangle garden can work in your favor!

12. Create Poolside Zen With Planters

poolside zen with planters
©Charles Lane Residence

Rectangular landscape design often works well with pools, where high fences and a layer of tall trees provide the privacy screen for you to show your true colors.

Though pools need a lot of hardscaping, what makes this poolside above more appealing is the presence of two planters on both sides of the Buddha statue. Planters with round shapes contrast the straight lines of rectangle gardens and soften hardscapes.

For added landscaping flair and texture, our customer chose our Gloss Tangerine (GTG) finish which also protects the planters from chemical and weather damage!

Into Zen garden design? check out the best zen plants & zen planter ideas for inner peace!

13. Defining Backyard Space With Containers

planters on a balcony
©301 Ocean / Jay Scotts

Using containers is the most effective way to divide your spaces into your backyard garden without too much effort; even better, containers garden are moveable so you can rearrange them whenever you like. What’s a better way to separate space than using rectangular planters?

Framing a sidewalk or doorway with gorgeous planters, for example, is an excellent way to attract people’s attention. Rectangular planters can also be used to build a DIY wall or fence around your deck, patio, porch, yard, or rooftop garden that acts as both decoration and a property boundary marker.

Rectangle planters such as the Camoux narrow rectangular planter or Miami rectangular planter are ideal for framing a backyard since they butt up well with one another and generate clean, elegant straight lines.

planters in cafe
©Pura Vida Miami / Redeye / Jay Scotts

Glance at our featured project Pura Vida Las Olas, Miami to see how rectangular planters were utilized to divide spaces for seating areas!

Rectangular Garden Ideas – FAQs

What is the cheapest way to landscape a backyard?

The only way to reduce your landscaping costs is to have a lot fewer maintenance costs. You can replace your lawn with artificial grass, and invest in high-quality and low-maintenance containers such as fiberglass planters.

Fiberglass planters are the experts’ top choice when it comes to landscaping. Because they are built of composite fiberglass and resin, fiberglass planters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor design, as well as having a slew of other advantages such as being lightweight and weather resistant and requiring little maintenance.

Learn more about why fiberglass planters are preferred by landscapers and homeowners

How do you add interest to a rectangular garden?

Choosing the right plants for your backyard space is important, and so is choosing the right containers for your plants. Not only do containers let your plants thrive, they also add a contemporary look to your design with warm colors, texture, and low-maintenance solutions to display plants.

While there are many ways to use planters as discussed above, a garden designer will tell you one of the most effective ways is to use a large planter as a nice focal point. You could also use lighting to accentuate your statement plants and planters!

Planters Etc offers exactly the planters you need and not only the look but also the quality that your plants crave! Have a look at our commercial-grade outdoor planters!

How can I make my yard look more expensive?

Coordinate Furniture

Like sticking to a single theme, a coordinated set creates a cohesive and uniform look. Everything needn’t be the same material or shape, but pieces should all work together.

Hardscape elements like outdoor metal chairs and planters can be softened with a unifying element – usually color.

Take the installation below for example. Our rectangular planters were painted in our UV-protecting Matte Charcoal finish. The result is a carefully blended hardscape with a professional yet comfortable aesthetic that oozes luxury.

Top tip: Don’t toss your furniture just because it doesn’t match. Add a uniting element to pieces you love—paint them all the same color, add pillows using the same fabric, or use a planter to tie your elements together visually!

Planters next to window
©Lasting Greenery / Jay Scotts

Add Lighting

Think outside the box with lighting. Globe string lighting looks elegant and festive above an outdoor dining table, but it’s the small details that set your patio or outdoor space apart.

LED lighting that borders landscaping edges or stairs focuses attention on those features and increases safety. Spotlights on trees and shrubs bring a manicured look to the yard that you’ve worked so hard to tend to.

Top tip: Be careful when using colored lighting as it may come off looking more like Christmas lights than the high-end look you were going for. White and blue landscape lighting colors are safe bets.

How can I create a focal point?

In the absence of an in-ground pool, small water features like bird baths, ponds, or fountains create a soothing ambiance while elevating your space. Not into water features? No problem! Anything that gets friends and family together is a worthwhile investment. Fire pits are a beautiful and budget-friendly way to extend your patio into the winter months—think of all the marshmallow roasting!

Another way to create a focal point is to invest in large planters with exotic plants! Try growing Jasmine in a rectangular planter against a wall or fence to allow it to creep and trail upwards and cover the surface.

Large planter next to a house
©Blu Bambu Home and Garden / John Hooper / Planters Etc

See Our Planters In Action

Not really convinced that planters can make a great impact on your interior or landscape design? Look at our featured project Vida Fitness – The Penthouse Pool Club to see it yourself!

Vida Fitness
©Penthouse Pool Club / UA Companies / Jay Scotts

Elevate Your Property With Planters Etc

If you want an aesthetic backyard and clean plant displays to be proud of, the most important thing to look for is durable, reliable, and beautiful pots.

Our planters, made from lightweight yet durable fiberglass, are perfect for planting trees, bushes, and simple flower displays both indoors and outdoors. Offered in a wide selection, there are many styles and colors to suit your business or home design needs.

If you are worried about the longevity of your investment, do not. Our planters withstand diverse weather conditions, from frosty winters to scorching summers.

All our planters come with an industry-leading warranty emphasizing the commitment and value of our fiberglass planters.

Contact us today to learn more about the exciting opportunities we offer. Or better yet, give us a call and our sales consultants will be more than happy to walk you through any outstanding questions or requests you might have.

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