Planters For Homes | How Our Indoor Planters Add Value

Why Invest In Planters For Homes?

Your home needs some personality, and you’re not sure how to add it. You’ve tried buying plants, but they always die after a week or two, and to be honest, the planters just don’t look good.

With our planters, you can add personality to your home in minutes! Our distinctive designs will add value to any room, and our planter’s handcrafted and high-quality construction means your plants will stay healthy for years.

There are many more benefits of using plants and planters in your home, including:

  • Plants and planters are a natural source of beauty and color
  • Plants improve air quality and the environment.
  • Plants reduce stress, and increase creativity and productivity!

Take a few ideas from these home improvement case studies and the style that was created through our dynamic designs and plant management solutions. After all, getting the right inspiration is half the challenge!

Transform Open Spaces

This customer wanted a bright plant pot to add some vibrant greenery to their sunroom. The house has eclectic home décor in a contemporary yet classic style, and we supplied unique planters to match the space.

The Saint Tropez Bullet Round Planter fits the bill perfectly. With a sleek design that has a small footprint, our bullet planters are popular design choices that work with many styles of decor.

All of the fiberglass planters in the product range from Planters Etc are available in a variety of colors and are therefore able to complement many existing interior designs.

The “gloss saffron” color seen in this photo gives the room amazing energy and breathes life into this area of the house. It invites an audience into a part of the house where they can enjoy some artwork and soak up some natural light.

Discover more stylish round planters!

Add Value To Your Exterior

This beautiful villa in California would be many people’s dream home, and yet it didn’t look complete until the installation of the large, sleek, outdoor planters you see in the photo.

The client opted for two Montroy Cube Planters to mark the front door to their home and a series of NIle Wall Planters along the roof edge to frame the whole carport and entranceway in luscious greenery.

These planters are ideal to place next to paths or buildings with modern architecture, as their crisp and clean straight lines complement minimalism while introducing the soft textures of plants in a sophisticated and seamless image.

This arrangement created a stylish welcome to their beautiful home and enhanced the existing features.

Envision what you can do with square planters!

square planters outside a home
Montroy Cube Planter. NIle Wall Planters ©The Plant Guy / Jay Scotts
planters for homes
Corry Cylinder Planter. ©Jay Scotts

Planters Bring Nature Indoors

This living room has been furnished with planters to maximize comfort and style, increase the air quality and ambiance, and adds texture to the overall designscape.

Cylindrical-shaped planters are a great way to do this as it adapts the traditional rounded pot to the preferences of current trends, with their streamlined shape and increased height.

The Corry Cylinder Planter is perfect in this room. With a tall and narrow profile, it is ideal for optimizing space in living rooms, and was able to create the immaculate yet inviting atmosphere this family desired.

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Our planters are made from the highest quality fiberglass, a material that is the superior choice for planters as it is lightweight and durable. Fiberglass planters are perfect for any kind of use both indoors and outdoors. Our product range is offered in a wide selection of colors and styles to suit your home’s or business’ design needs.

If you are worried about the longevity of your investment, do not. Our planters withstand diverse weather conditions, from frosty winters to scorching summers. To underscore our value and commitment, all our planters come with an industry-leading warranty.

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