10 Best Trees In Pots To Spruce Up Your Home & Business

What Are The Benefits Of Trees In Pots?

Planting trees around a property has been shown to significantly increase the value of both homes and businesses. A study in Arborist News reported that good tree cover raises home value by about 7 percent for residential properties and 18 percent for building lots. In the retail sector, quality gardens and landscapes increase spending by about 9-12 percent.

Furthermore, having a variety of trees in pots improves quality of life by adding natural beauty to sterile environments, helping us feel a connection to nature.

There is something about a potted tree swaying in the breeze that evokes a physiological response in humans. This is not just speculation; studies show that having a variety of trees around a home or business reduces stress levels, promotes recovery from mental fatigue, and leads to improved focus and better overall well-being.

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Why Use A Potted Tree?

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One huge benefit of growing trees in pots is that they are easy to move depending on the weather. If the temperatures drop during cold winters, you can move the tree inside to shelter it. If it is a tree that grows better in full sun, you can easily position the tree to get direct sunlight all day long no matter the season.

Potted plants create a sense of elegance for any garden and are a great solution for gardens with limited space.

Lastly, container-grown plants are less susceptible to diseases and pests, saving you time and money.

So now that we’ve discussed the benefits of potted trees, let’s look at the best trees to grow in order to create your private forest!

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5 Best Trees To Grow For Homes

1. Peach Fruit Trees

A peach tree is an excellent choice for your home garden. They require less maintenance than many other fruit trees and are very easy to crop, perfect for both the beginner and experienced gardener.

Peach trees often produce tasty fruits as early as the first year. Once they’re fully grown, they can produce heaps of fruit, especially in warmer regions. There’s nothing better than biting into a juicy peach on a hot summer’s day.

peach fruit tree

Peach trees also add to the decor of an outdoor space. Light pastel peaches are considered to be pleasant and inviting shades, creating a sense of homeliness. Since peaches are a neutral color, they can go with many different styles of outdoor furniture and garden designs.

Peach trees also grow well in a variety of plant pots, but I would recommend a square planter for simplicity and elegance. They need a larger container, but still small enough so that you can move it whenever necessary.

Learn more about choosing the right pot shape for your home garden.

2. Spruce Trees In Pots

If you want to create a sense of privacy and intimacy for your home, spruce trees are the way to go. They are excellent for lining the perimeter of a yard or garden, and they’re more beautiful than typical hedges. Spruce trees can also be used to line a driveway or entryway, supplying a splash of color and shade for your vehicles.

Smaller spruce trees contribute a fresh scent to indoor spaces as well. They thrive indoors and are easy to take care of as indoor house plants. Use them to decorate indoor living spaces and make your house feel more connected to nature.

When it comes for caring for spruce trees, you should try to keep them away from heat sources. Heater vents, A/C units, and fireplaces can be detrimental to spruce hedges. They don’t tolerate heat well and prefer cooler climates to grow in. Spruce trees grow well in a container because they are slow growing, making them a perfect choice for container planting.

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3. Citrus Trees

Citrus Trees
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Citrus trees, such as orange and lemon trees, are a great way to add the flavor of the tropics to your home garden. They are versatile and can be used for cooking, making elevated cocktails, or eating on their own. There are a lot of different citrus trees that grow in pots to choose from.

If you’re low on space, consider choosing a dwarf variety. Dwarf varieties of citrus trees, such as dwarf lemon trees, do really well in tight spaces like balconies and front porch displays. They’re decorative, stylish, and, most importantly, they don’t require a lot of space!

When it comes to caring for citrus trees, they thrive in full sun. Try to place them in a sunny place near a southern or western-facing wall. Make sure to water and feed them using a citrus fertilizer once a week to help them grow taller. Ask your local garden center about the best citrus fertilizer for your citrus trees.

Have a home with less than optimum sunlight? Try these plants for North-facing homes and plants for East-facing homes.

3. Bay Trees

Bay trees are the ideal plant to grow in pots– they’re timeless, elegant, and bear glossy green leaves year-round. Bay trees are lovely additions to an entryway and can be utilized to frame your doorway. The leaves are aromatic, creating a pleasant scent for your entryway. They can also be used to liven up a small backyard, great for townhouses.

You should use a soil based compost to care for your bay trees. Bay trees are pretty hardy, but will struggle in temperatures below 23 degrees F. If temperatures get too low, you can move it inside.

bay tree in fiberglass pot

4. Crab Apple Trees In Pots

Apple Trees
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Who doesn’t love the satisfying crunch of biting into a crisp, juicy apple? Crab apple trees are another wonderful and decorative plant to add to your home garden.

Crab apple trees blossom in the spring with stunning pink flowers that are sure to draw admiration from fellow gardeners and passerby’s alike. In the fall, the apples grow, providing delicious fruit and versatility to your garden. Crab apples are best enjoyed cooked, however they can be eaten raw, too.

Crab apples are great for those vibrant autumn colors. They can add a sense of warmth and radiance to any garden. They are the perfect choice for a spacious backyard, creating a shady spot for the whole family to gather around for picnics.

Take a look at our aesthetic backyard ideas for more inspiration.

5. Considerations For Residential Trees In Pots

When deciding on which potted trees you should grow in your home or garden, you should think carefully about the size of tree you want.

Although trees can increase property value and improve living conditions by supplying ample shade, they can create problems if they’re not selected carefully.

Be sure to pick a tree that has a known height and width and can fit well in the space provided.

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5 Best Trees To Grow For Commercial Spaces

1. Olive Trees

Olive tree

Olive trees are the best of both worlds: they are both elegant and easy to care for. Olive trees are a universal sign of peace and friendship and are thought to bring good luck. Olive trees are perfect for adding rusticity to your business. We recommend planting them in a round planter for a more refined look.

An olive tree is very resilient and can thrive in a cooler climate, weathering temperatures as low as 15 degrees F. Olives prefer sunny, sheltered spots, so putting an olive tree beside a southern-facing wall is ideal.

They don’t need a lot of water but make sure the soil doesn’t get too dry. If the soil is looking dry, all you need to do is water it once a week!

2. Italian Cypress

Italian Cypress
©Shaiith / gardeningknowhow.com

Italian cypresses are stylish, tasteful, and more than suitable for your commercial landscape. They can be used to frame a walkway and provide shade for your customers. If placed nicely, they can make a memorable first impression on any guests and create year-round interest for your entranceway.

They are also large trees but are simple to grow in pots. They retain their columnar shape throughout their lifespan, making them easy to manicure. They can live up to 150 years, meaning you’ll never have to replace them if properly cared for. And with one of our fiberglass planters, you’ll have a movable plant display for life.

3. Palm Trees

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Palm trees are a wonderful addition for your business, and if used properly, can make your landscape feel like a tropical paradise. Plant them in front of your business to cultivate an inviting outdoor space. Slow-growing palms, like the pineapple palm, are container-friendly trees.

Palm trees need well-draining soil rich in organic material. They grow best in a sub-tropical climate, but can also withstand freezing temperatures. Palms grow best in full sun but can tolerate some shade as they are really versatile.

Here are some more ideas about enhancing your commercial landscape.

4. Fig Trees

Fig tree in pot
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Fig trees are another great way to add a Mediterranean twist to your commercial s[ace. They are stunning to look at and provide a honeyed, sweet scent to an open or enclosed space.

Fig trees aren’t too fussy about soil mix, just make sure the soil stays moist and has a lot of organic matter. They are naturally slow growing, and require little to no fertilizer, making them easy to care for.

A fig tree can come in a variety of sizes, from relatively tame to absolutely massive. We suggest choosing a medium-sized fig tree as it can thrive in a variety of pots. The key to growing a fig tree successfully is to pick the right-sized pot.

Not sure how to get the pot that you need? Try our guide to plant pot sizes!

japanese maple
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5. Japanese Maple

If you want a stunning, beautiful tree that can easily grow in pots, the Japanese maple will make an outstanding display. Known for its vibrant fall colors, the Japanese maple will draw year long interest from the community.

Japanese Maples grow naturally in a cooler climate, but can even survive in warmer regions. In the pacific northwest, the Japanese Maple has become extremely popular due to the climate. For more ideas about a pacific northwest inspired garden, take a look at our guide.

Year round interest For Your Entryway

ideas for large flower pots
Anthonys Coal Fired Pizza restaurant / ©Jay Scotts

If you can cultivate interest year-round in your commercial landscape, naturally customers will be drawn there. Use our suggestions to create gardens that not only thrive but also add value to your commercial property. Using the right potted trees to line a walkway or entrance can have a huge impact on a customer’s experience.

Considerations For Commercial Trees

Commercial properties planters
Commercial properties benefit from the value of our planters / ©Ambius / Jay Scotts

Creating a nice commercial landscape offers a considerable challenge because, not only do you want the landscape to look striking, but it has to be capable of handling exposure from the outside world. High traffic from the public and from vehicles are common in commercial parking areas. Be sure to pick plants that are both resilient as well as beautiful.

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How long can trees stay in pots?

The length of time trees can stay in pots varies depending on the type and size of tree, as well as the size of pot. A small tree or sapling may need to be moved from a pot after one season, while larger trees may thrive for several years. But generally, trees should not be kept in pots for more than five years as their roots become cramped and can cause the tree to stop growing.

If you want to give your tree a little more longevity, why not try upgrading your planter to the Montroy Cube Planter? With over 11 different sizes from 12″ to 60″, there is a Montroy planter for every tree!

How often should you water trees?

Keeping your potted tree adequately watered is essential for its health and growth. The frequency with which you should water your potted tree will depend on several factors, including the type of tree, size of pot, soil type, climate and temperature. As a general rule of thumb, it is best to water your potted tree when the top inch of soil has become dry.

Can you put any tree in a pot?

The best kinds of trees to grow in pots are the slow-growing or dwarf varieties. A ‘vigorous’ tree will grow too quickly to do well in a pot, while an ‘extremely dwarfing’ tree will be too weak to grow in a pot.

Can I replant a tree from the ground into a pot?

In terms of replanting a tree from the ground into a pot, it can be done but can also be difficult. If you are considering replanting an established tree from its natural habitat into a pot, make sure you know what type of tree it is, as certain species respond better than others to this kind of change.

Be aware that moving a tree from its natural environment can shock it at first, so make sure to take proper steps to ensure it can adjust such as choosing a pot that is large enough to allow for healthy root growth, selecting soil with good drainage, and fertilizing regularly.

Is it harder to grow trees in pots?

It is true that caring for a potted tree can be harder than caring for a tree grown in the ground.

Depending on the type of pot and soil used, more frequent watering and fertilizing may be needed to keep your outdoor potted tree healthy.

Should I use soil or potting mix when planting in pots?

When deciding whether to use soil or potting mix when planting trees in pots, it is important to consider the needs of the plant. Soil typically contains a variety of organic matter that can provide essential nutrients for growth and development, while potting mix usually consists of lighter materials such as peat, sand and bark which help with aeration and drainage.

In most cases, a combination of soil and potting mix is the best option when planting trees in pots. The soil should provide essential nutrients for the tree, while the potting mix can help to create an environment with good aeration and drainage, preventing waterlogging and root rot.

See our potting guide for tips on planting!

Can trees be pruned while they’re still in a pot?

The answer is yes. Trees can be pruned while they are still in a pot, but it’s important to remember that not all trees should be pruned while in a container. Pruning large trees too much while they’re still in the pot can cause them to become root bound and unhealthy.

When you are pruning a tree in a pot, be sure to only prune the top of the tree (known as canopy pruning). This will help you keep your tree healthy and shapely.

Learn how to prune plants like a pro!

Are there any special requirements for growing trees in large pots?

trees in short planter
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Yes, growing trees in large pots does require some special considerations. They will need more frequent watering and feeding than those grown in the ground, as well as extra drainage. Additionally, you must be sure to use a very large container for each tree so that it has enough space to grow properly.

You may also want to add insulating material to the bottom of the pot to help protect it from extreme temperatures. Fortunately, all our fiberglass planters are extremely insulated from the cold and the heat which means your plants are protected in every season.

Which type of container is best for growing trees?

When it comes to growing trees in containers, there are a few types of planters to consider.

While smaller trees such as bonsai or fruit trees can be planted in low-cost terracotta pots or plastic pots, large trees such as oaks and maples should be planted in containers which can provide more strength to hold up the weight of a larger tree.

Want the best trees and the easiest installation, maintenance and appearance? The best planter material is fiberglass.

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Learn more about why landscapers and homeowners prefer our planters.

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