Planting Guide

Potting soil mixture should be used in any/all planters when planting live plants. Potting soil is specially formulated for planter and container gardening. It consists of a mixture of soil, hummus and peat, but can vary from brand to brand. To ensure you are using the correct type of potting soil for your plant(s), check with a professional to determine the correct regional and plant specific soil to be used.

Planters installed outdoors must have drainage holes. During months when temperatures are at freezing or below, water remaining in the soil or planter will freeze and expand which may cause damage to the planter. We do not recommend drainage holes on interior installations. Our planters are designed to be used without saucers and have feet to allow for water drainage in outdoor applications.

When planting, we recommend the following:

  1. Insert a layer of landscape fabric.
  2. Add a layer of gravel.
    1. Our best practices tip: rinse the sediment off the gravel prior to installing.
  3. Insert another layer of landscape fabric.
  4. Optional: use foam to build up the pot to desired height.
    1. For commercial installations, higher altitudes, and roof decks – consider adding more rocks (like lava rock), instead of foam, to achieve desired plant height.
  5. Once desired height is achieved, insert a drop tray; this will ensure the planter maintains some water to continue to feed the plants without building up.
    1. Our best practices tip: a grow bag can be used instead of a nursery pot. Grow bags should be the same gallon size as the nursery pot. This ensures no unnecessary air gets in the soil and roots.
  6. Once in place, use filler around the nursery pot/grow bag to stabilize your plant(s) in place.
    1. Our best practices tip: we recommend rubber mulch.
  7. Optional: top with river rock, moss or other decorative plant finisher.
  8. Sit back and enjoy the view!

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