Features and Benefits of Fiberglass Planters

  • Fiberglass is a durable material that weighs considerably less than traditional planter materials.  This light-weight material is an exceptional option for patios, balconies, roof tops, and other areas where weight of the installation is a concern.
  • The resin and fiberglass materials used are resistant to damage from sun exposure and withstand the most extreme weather conditions and climates including harsh winters, frost, and salt exposure.  Further, automotive-grade paints are used on our planters that have additional UV-protectants built in.
  • Unlike competitor products – terracotta, concrete, plastics – fiberglass can be repaired and refinished. 
  • Fiberglass can be molded in any shape providing a lot more flexibility and design innovation than traditional planter materials.  The result is a huge inventory with a variety of shapes and sizes that range from traditional styles to clean, modern lines.  In short, we can provide planters that will match, enhance, and compliment any décor.  We can even fabricate custom planters.
  • With proper care, fiberglass planters will last for years, indoors and outdoors.  Just remember, the first fiberglass Corvette was made in 1953, and many of them are still cruising around!
  • Fiberglass maintenance is easy! It can be cleaned with dish detergent and standard automotive waxes can be used to enhance your planters shine.

Planters Et Cetera knows fiberglass

We spent a few years doing floral arrangements, and the one issue we frequently found was that we were always searching for better planters for our projects.  If the shape was good, the quality was not sufficient.  If the quality was there, the variety was lacking.  Our choices were often limited to very traditional (read: boring) color choices.  We researched and tested many materials and brands and then came across Jay Scotts Collection.  Our collaboration with Jay Scotts has provided us with the highest quality planters available and all of the variety, in shapes and colors, we were looking for.  It is our great honor to be an authorized retailer of the world’s finest fiberglass planters.

Jay Scotts Collection has earned an international reputation as the Global Source for Design Innovation with planters that embody style, form and function. Jay Scotts produces plant planters in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Contemporary, transitional and modern designs are available for any project.  Jay Scotts’ products are some of the highest quality commercial planters available for both indoor and outdoor planters used in commercial and residential projects. The products feature a high-grade automotive paint which offers UV protection that makes them the perfect outdoor planter in any extreme weather. With cutting edge styles, designs, shapes and finishes, Jay Scotts’ products flatter any décor especially in high traffic commercial locations.

The Jay Scotts Collection Difference

Top quality fiberglass planters are truly a work of art that requires many processes over a period of time by expert artisans to create finished products. Each fiberglass planter is created with a custom mold in the exact size, shape and dimensions of the final product. Fiberglass sheets are carefully and expertly cut, shaped and inserted into and surrounding the mold. High quality polyester resin is then applied several times over the mold. Once the final coat becomes hard, the planter is then taken to the finishing department where each planter is meticulously finished by hand by highly skilled artisans. Like an expensive fiberglass boat or car, the finishing department, trims the product of any excess materials and evenly sands the fiberglass surface so that the finish is flawless and smooth. This process is time intensive, but necessary to produce the exquisite, durable quality products that customers have come to love and to expect.

Many competitors take shorts cuts that become obvious in the aesthetics, quality and wear of fiberglass planters, which is why the hand finishing process is so important and have become the hallmark of Jay Scotts Collection success and quality in producing fine planters.

Jay Scotts Collection Fiberglass Planters:

  • Jay Scotts products are light weight, but very durable, because they use only the highest quality polyester resin with no fillers.
  • Each planter is carefully hand-finished to a smooth and continuous; this extra step is most noticeable in the rim of each planter which is finished and wraps down to the side wall of the planter.  You will not find exposed raw glass or rough edges on the rim which enhances the beauty of the planter and makes them safer for installation and repositioning.

Competitor Fiberglass Planters:

  • Many companies use fillers (like marble dust or limestone sand) in their resin to reduce costs and slow cure times – the result is heavier, and more brittle, finishes.  Excessive fillers will result in a finish that is highly prone to cracks.
  • Large lumps or strips of fiberglass matting indicate poor construction and improper finishing.  Competitor products are rough rather than smooth with waves, bumps or imperfections in the finish, which may mean that the product has been made on unsuitable equipment and corners have been cut with poor finishing techniques.

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