Features and Benefits of Fiberglass Planters

  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • UV protection
  • Simply, clean design style which works with any décor
  • Ideal material for extreme climates
  • Frost Resistant
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use all year round
  • Supports direct or indirect planting
  • Material is similar to what is used for corvettes and boats
  • Life span with proper care is many years
  • High style
  • Can be cleaned with dish detergent
  • Water resistant
  • Able to be refinished
  • Large selection of shapes, sizes and color with matching finishes that compliment one another
  • Custom sizes available upon request
  • High quality construction
  • Attractive décor enhancers
  • Ideal for commercial or residential use
  • Minimal care and maintenance required

Planters Et Cetera knows fiberglass

Planters Etcetera is proud to offer our extensive selection of high quality, weather and UV resistant fiberglass plant planters developed and manufactured by the Jay Scotts Company.

The Jay Scotts Collection has earned an international reputation as the Global Source for Design Innovation with planters that embody style, form and function. Jay Scotts produces plant planters in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Contemporary, transitional and modern designs are available for any project.

Jay Scotts’ products are some of the highest quality commercial planters available and the line includes both indoor  and outdoor planters used in commercial and residential projects. The products feature a high grade automotive paint which offers UV protection that makes them the perfect outdoor planter in any extreme weather. With cutting edge styles, designs, shapes and finishes, Jay Scotts’ products flatter any décor especially in high traffic commercial locations. Rectangular planters are one of the most popular items!

The quality of Jay Scotts’ planters, the professionalism of our services and the value that our customers have come to expect are the hallmarks of our award-winning formula for success. Our products are not only beautiful and unique; they are also functional, durable and lasting because they are constructed of the best fiberglass materials available, manufactured by remarkably skilled craftsman, made to last and to maintain their beauty for years to come.

Jay Scotts’ planters are designed in-house and manufactured exclusively by their wholly owned manufacturing subsidiary. Our wholesale planter collection is the most extensive high quality product line available in the market today. Let Jay Scotts help you to turn your next project from ordinary to EXTRODINARY.

There are lots of choices when it comes to fiberglass planter products.

How do you know you’re selecting the best plant planters?

Jay Scotts fiberglass planters are constructed of the highest quality materials
prepared by highly skilled craftsmen made to last and to maintain their beauty for years to come!

Top quality fiberglass planters are truly a work of art that requires many processes over a period of time by expert artisans to create Jay Scotts finished products. Each fiberglass planter is created with a custom mold in the exact size, shape and dimensions of the final product. Fiberglass sheets are carefully and expertly cut, shaped and inserted into and surrounding the mold. High quality polyester resin is then applied several times over the mold. Once the final coat becomes hard, the planter will then be taken to the finishing department where each of Jay Scotts products is meticulously finished by hand by highly skilled artisans. Like an expensive fiberglass boat or car, the finishing department, trims the product of any excess materials and evenly sands the fiberglass surface so that the finish is flawless and smooth. This process is time intensive, but necessary to produce the exquisite, durable quality products that Jay Scotts customers have come to love and to expect.

Many competitors take shorts cuts that become obvious in the aesthetics, quality and wear of fiberglass planters, which is why the hand finishing process is so important and have become the hallmark of Jay Scotts success and quality in producing fine planters.

Techniques to Shop for Fiberglass Products with Confidence

High Quality Planters:

  • Jay Scotts products are light weight because we use high quality polyester resin.
  • Each Jay Scotts product is carefully hand-finished. When you feel the surface of our products, or inspect the interior, it is smooth and continuous, which is what you should expect from high- quality fiberglass products.

Poor Quality Planters:

  • Are overly heavy. If the product feels heavy, it’s likely that the manufacturer added fillers to the resin. Fillers sacrifice quality and make the products less valuable and durable.
  • Large lumps or strips of fiberglass matting indicate poor construction and improper finishing, Poor quality planters are rough rather than smooth with waves, bumps or imperfections in the finish, which may mean that the product has been made on unsuitable equipment and corners have been cut with poor finishing techniques.

Care and Maintenance

Your planter(s) requires little maintenance, but there are a few things you can do to keep it looking like new.

Wash with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth as needed.

Do not wash with steel wool, or any other materials which may scratch your planter(s).

You may also wax your planter(s) if you desire a high polish or glossy look. Clean your planter(s) very well before waxing as your planter(s) will look best if waxed after being cleaned.

Color finish touch up kits are available for small chips or scratches.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fiberglass

How long will a fiberglass planter last?

Because our planters are made from high quality materials similar to those used to manufacturer other outdoor products such as boats and cars one may expect to a long life span with proper care and maintenance.

Will fiberglass planters hold up well in extremely hot/cold climates?

Absolutely there will not be any problems to use fiberglass planters in either very hot climates or very cold climates. In addition, planters will not crack in the winter from freezing temperatures.

Do I need to empty the container in the winter?

It is not necessary to empty the planter in the winter as the material and finish is designed to handle expansion and contraction due to temperature variances.

Will the color of the planter fade?

We use an industrial grade finish, similar what is used on automobiles, which has been UV tested and specially designed so it may be used for outdoors. With proper care and maintenance such as waxing and cleaning the finish will stay beautiful for years to come.

Are there drainage holes in the bottom of the planter?

Because our planters may be used indoor or outdoors they do not come pre-drilled with drainage holes. If you request it at the time your order is placed we would be happy to offer this service. If you choose to open the holes yourself this may be done with a standard drill and drill bit. There are not special tools required and no you will not damage the planter.

Can I plant directly inside of a fiberglass planter?

Yes, these planters may be used for direct planting.

What type of plants work best in my planter?

There are countless options for plants that will look attractive and work well in your planters. To make the best selection possible consider the following variables. Will the plant be placed indoors or out? Will the location have bright or minimal light? What are the ideal light, nutrient, water and weather requirements for the plant? Some plants are not well suited to containers because their aggressive roots fill all of the available space in the container and then begin to push their way through the container. While you don’t have to worry about this with the majority of plants it is something to keep in mind. To ensure success in selecting the proper plants for your container, it would be wise to consult with your plant provider to be sure your plant grows well in the containers and to learn what soils, nutrients, lighting and water are required to keep your plants healthy. Please note, Fiberglass planters may only be filled with a lightweight potting soil, not top soil. See planting directions for more information.

Can fiberglass scratch?

The fiberglass finish may scratch in your planter in the same manner that a car or boat fiberglass surface may scratch. While this is not a big concern once your plants are planted, it is important to be careful during transport so you don’t scrape or move your planter against a rough surface. We do recommend that care be taken to protect the finish of your planters.

How can I repair scratches?

There are several ways to correct a scratch on the surface of your planter. The finish on your planters consists of 4 layers. If the top layer is scratched, use a very fine sand paper to smooth over and remove the scratch. For deeper scratches, one of the easiest and most readily available products that can be used to repair scraps and scratches is to select a matching colored nail polish for your planter to conceal the scratch. We are not able to offer repair kits because we use a complicated finishing process that requires man power and special equipment. We use an enamel finish applied with a spray gun, a chemical catalyst and expert technicians. The finish we apply can not be sent alone as it is highly flammable, used in a multi-step process and can not be shipped due health hazards and danger.

Will these planters bulge?

Your planters will not bulge provided they are not misused. Fiberglass planters may only be filled with a lightweight potting soil, not top soil. See planting directions for more information.

Do holes need to be put in the bottom of my planters?

This question depends on several variables. If you are using the planters indoors you do not want drainage holes. If you are using the planters outdoors as a general rule you will need drainage holes to allow the water to drain from the bottom. If you are creating a water garden, you will want to use a round or square planter and not a large rectangle as these may not be able to hold the weight of the water.

Will you drill the holes in my planters? When do I need to let you know I want holes?

We would be happy to drill drainage holes in your planters at the time of your order. Please note that your order will specifically state “the planter item number” and directly below it “DRILL DRAINAGE HOLES.” Planters that are requested with drainage holes or modifications are not eligible for return.

What type of soil do I need to use in my planters?

Like most planters, fiberglass planters need to be filled with potting soil which is more lightweight than regular soil. Do not fill your planters with regular soil, sand or rocks as the weight may damage the fiberglass with time.

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