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Styled and installed by: Geomantic Designs | Landscape Architecture

Why Planters Etcetera Planters?

With proven quality and commercial grade longevity, our planters have earned the seal of approval from landscapers, architects, private organizations, and even the government.

But our planters are not limited to professional use. In fact, our planters are designed with the homeowner in mind. From using materials that are lightweight and easy to maintain to producing our planters in a range of convenient sizes and shapes – we have the perfect planter for everyone!

To show you just how the professionals did it, and how you can do it too, here are our favorite arrangements!

Large planter next to a house
©Jay Scotts / Blu Bambu Home and Garden LLC

301 Ocean Avenue – Planters In A California Residence

This particular Californian residence wanted to add privacy to its rooftops, balconies, and interior apartments using the beauty of nature.  Using nature to add privacy can be challenging for many reasons, however, Planters Etcetera's long rectangular planters were just the solution!

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Pura Vida Las Olas, Miami

Rectangular planters created a natural divide which is perfect for restaurants and cafes that want to carve out useful and inviting spaces on their patio.

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Geomantic Designs – The Gates, South Beach

The pool area is often the first thing that guests see when they arrive, and the property owner wanted it to make a good impression. They needed planters and greenery that would make the hotel's pool area more inviting and attractive whilst also being able to tolerate being in close proximity to chlorinated water. 

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Elliot Lewis – Decor For Philadelphia Airport Terminals

Airport terminals can be large and overwhelming places. They are often full of people rushing to their next destination, and this can make them stressful and chaotic environments. The airport wanted to add some intrigue to make the location more than just a terminal, but a destination with botanical beauty to remember.

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Plant Parents – An Office With Style

This office chose our planters to add life to create a beautiful work environment. Classic white planters were used to fit the color scheme and design of the office space and flush it with bright and energizing decor.

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Zola Properties

The residence wanted to find planters and plants that would thrive in the harsh sun and heat of California. Many common houseplants will simply not survive or do well in these conditions.

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Vida Fitness – The Penthouse Pool Club, Washington

Potted plants were used to create privacy, add color and interest, and soften hard surfaces to make the establishment feel more inviting and comfortable.

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The Dalmar Fort Lauderdale

Clean and functional white planter designs helped to elevate the feel and coziness of the hotel by adding a touch of nature, sophistication, and refinement.

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Fortune House – Hotel Suites With A Difference

The modern property felt unpolished and empty because they lacked the warmth and life that plants can bring. The hotel was looking for the right planters to help to soften the harsh lines of the property and make it feel more inviting, while including the right plants to add color, texture, and a sense of serenity.

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Planters For Homes | How Our Indoor Planters Add Value

Your home needs some personality, and you're not sure how to add it. You've tried buying plants, but they always die after a week or two, and to be honest, the planters just don't look good. With our planters, you can add personality to your home in minutes! Our distinctive designs will add value to any room, and our planter's handcrafted and high-quality construction means your plants will stay healthy for years.

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Elevate Your Commercial Or Residential Project With Our Planters

©Jay Scotts

Our planters are made from lightweight yet durable fiberglass (the best planter material). They are perfect for any kind of business both indoors and outdoors. Offered in a wide selection, there are many styles and colors to suit your business’ design needs.

If you are worried about the longevity of your investment, do not. Our planters withstand diverse weather conditions, from frosty winters to scorching summers. To underscore our value and commitment, all our planters come with an industry-leading warranty.

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