How to Choose Planter Color: Popular Pot Colors for Various Design Styles

Pandemic lockdowns have spurred new plant parents and encouraged green thumbs to grow their gardens. For many, plants have filled the void left by the lack of social interactions or simply have become a way to beautify homes that people now spend tons of time in. With the increasing popularity of having a container garden, people are filling their homes with planters, and without a doubt, plant pots have become essential elements of design. Plant containers can now be found ubiquitously in room corners, on patios, on bookshelves, next to the kitchen sinks, and even hanging from ceilings. Choosing the right planter color for your container garden has become more important than ever before. 

Effect of Pot Colors on the Plant Growth 

First of all, there is the question of whether the color of the pot has any impact on the growth of the plant itself. 

The pot color can indeed affect soil temperature and heat retention. This is more important if you live in places with a harsher climate or have plants that are sensitive to heat. 

In general, the color of the pots affects the plant the same way the color of your roofs affects your home. Roofs that are light in color reflect away heat rays from the sun, whereas dark-colored roofs would absorb more of the sun’s heat and transfer it into the house. Containers that are dark in color, especially black, trap heat in a similar way and thus heat up the soil more. 

Red fence planters
Red fence planters @ Joe_Potato / Getty Images Signature

Heat stress can affect plants negatively. It can lead to loss of leaves, the plants being unable to germinate, disrupt its production of fruits or flowers, and more. On a less severe note, heat stress may simply cause the plants to grow slower or to droop sadly. 

The impact of dark-colored pots on your plant is only a real concern if your plant is particularly sensitive to heat and if you place the container gardens in direct sunlight during seasons of high temperatures. Examples of plants that have lower heat tolerance include tomatoes and other salad greens.

Most home gardeners just want happy and healthy plants, unlike commercial growers or nurseries, and are less concerned about maximizing growth and the production of fruits, vegetable, or flowers. In this regard, the simple solution for home gardeners is to relocate the darker containers and plants to shadier spots during summer. 

Personality Types and Popular Pot Colors 

Plant pots come in the colors of the rainbow, but there are certain colors that are more popular than others. These planter colors are generally easy to match with most interior environments and what draws us to them also tells us a little about our personality based on the messages that the colors deliver.

The most common planter colors are, namely:

  • Brown/ Natural 
  • White
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Blue/ Green

Brown/ Beige

It is easy to gravitate towards natural, neutral, tones for plant pots. Earthy colors with beige undertones are quiet, muted, and peaceful hues that go with almost anything.

Almost the same color as bark and soil, they blend in well with the plant itself. These neutral colors are so unobtrusive that the pots in essence become an extension of the plants, and together they fade serenely into the background.

Biege outdoor planters
Biege outdoor planters @ arinahabich / Getty Images

As these shades of brown are the go-to basics of container colors, they are an excellent choice for the gardener who often moves houses, as the neutral pots will complement every home. 


White containers are a safe yet sophisticated choice. The color most associated with purity and cleanliness, they lend a sharp and modern feeling to any garden. Although white pots are not striking, neither do they fade into the surroundings, instead the color opens up the space, creating a feeling of freshness. A glossy white finish to the plant container, in particular, will manage to reflect light without being too loud. White planters are popular as they brighten up all container gardens, and are an easy gift choice for an aspiring gardener.  

Various white planters style
Various white planter styles @ ritaterekhova / Unsplash


A bold and strong color, black containers add dramatic flair to any space. A black pot can be a real showstopper, it contrasts easily with most surroundings, and accentuates the plant. Sleek and daring, black planters require a little more thought than neutral colored or white pots.

Black planter in white chair
Black planter on white chair @ Nikita Kachanovsky / Unsplash

Overdoing it with black planters can create a depressing or morbid effect, it is best to keep the black container as an accent piece. Black pots are for the more adventurous gardeners and are best placed where they can make a definitive style statement. 


Once associated with dreariness and drabness, grey has not only made a comeback but is a color that is here to stay. Versatile in nature, sitting in the middle of extremes of white and black, it is a color that is controlled but daring.

gray planter
Sansevieria plant in gray planter @ Noyo Plantes / Unsplash

A gray container speaks volumes, coming across as elegant yet daring, industrial yet organic. A pale gray pot can add a soft, calming touch to the room, while a dark gray pot gives a dash of opulence and mystery. Gray planters are the contemporaries’ choice and can add depth and focus to a room’s interior. 

Blue/ Green

A rich teal hue is reportedly the world’s favorite color, and this applies to plant pots as well. Shades of blue and green are cool colors that can evoke feelings of relaxation and serenity, which fits in well with the idea of home being a place of comfort and shelter.

Green planter
Green modern style planter @ Severin Candrian / Unsplash

Furthermore, pairing plants with pots of the colors of the sky and sea can certainly bring the feeling of nature indoors. Blues and greens are a winning combination, perfect for the calm gardener. 

5 Popular Interior Design Styles and Pot Color Selection 

  • Farmhouse Chic
  • Scandinavian
  • Modern Minimalist
  • Bohemian
  • Coastal Resort

Bringing the outdoors indoors should be done in a harmonious way, with the planter colors chosen to match and complement the interior style. The pot color must speak to your personal interior design style. 

Farmhouse Chic

A little dose of classy with a generous helping of country – that’s Farmhouse Chic. It is a space that is focused on refined, sensible comfort. Think exposed red bricked walls, iron bed frames, durable wooden furniture, piles of firewood, and antique silverware. It is a warm, worn, and lived-in look.

Renovated farmhouse
Renovated farmhouse @ brytta / Getty Images Signature

The safe planter color choice for Farmhouse Chic would be brown, beige tones. If you want to draw attention to your containers, bright red or yellow pots are perfect for the country vibe. 


Scandinavian is a minimalist take on interior décor but with an emphasis on making the space feel cozy and inviting despite its less-is-more philosophy.

Modern Scandinavian Living Room
Modern Scandinavian living room @ Navamin studio / Canva Pro

The design embraces natural light, highlighted by muted background colors and wooden sculptural elements. High contrast is the cornerstone of this style.

Containers that are sculptural in shape and in contrasting colors could serve as minimalist décor elements, black pots in a white room or vice versa can create an impactful statement. 

Modern Minimalist 

For the modern minimalist house, the concept is all about simplicity, functionality, and neutrality. Think large glass windows, metal stools, cement walls. Like for the Scandinavian interiors, white and black plant pots are the obvious choice here, with gray being a more gentle and subtle addition.

Modern corner
Modern minimalist corner @ tu tu / Unsplash

In this contemporary household, with no clutter and minimal décor, pot color contrast can be used to great effect. For example, a large, tall, black container, can be used to draw attention to how bright, clean, and simple the rest of the living room is. Avoid planters that are brightly colored, while it may be eye-catching, a purple or orange red container would break the color scheme and neutral flow of the space. 


Perhaps the opposite of the minimalist style is the Bohemian household. An uninhibited combination of texture, and patterns, there is no strict color scheme, this aesthetic comes together to offer a warm, relaxed, and intimate space.

In this home, you might find large beanbags on the floors, vintage mirrors on the walls, and knitted throws everywhere. The Bohemian interior style is more accepting by nature, it is a reflection of the carefree, electric personality of the homeowner.

Cozy and comfortable room with interior in bohemian style
Cozy and comfortable room with interior in bohemian style @ brizmaker / Getty Images

As such, the container garden is this house can be a mishmash of different colors, vivid or muted could both work. For a gift, selecting a container in the person’s favorite color would do the trick, pair it with a macramé plant pot holder for that extra cozy touch. 

Coastal Resort

The coastal interior design is all about blending the indoors with the outdoors, creating a bright, light, airy, and open space. The relaxed, easy vibe reminds you of a beach resort, and it should feel like it’s always summer.

When choosing planter colors to match these soft beachy tones and the light, clean aesthetic, go for cool colors. Different shades of blue would fit the color scheme easily. A cream, white, or other neutral color container would also be a good addition to the combination. Black containers and metallic colors would be risky color combinations. 

luxury resort room
Luxury resort room @ Internet

Ultimately, when it comes to deciding pot color, choose a color that goes with the gardener’s personality and home style. Planters Etc offers a great range of colorful planters to choose from, so make sure you do have a look at our multi-colored planters!

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