Landscaping with Potted Plants – Pro Design Tips & Top Outdoor Plants

There is a special, heartwarming sort of satisfaction to seeing your own garden filled with plant-packed pots and growing bigger and bigger by the day. Other than being highly rewarding, container gardening also allows you to unleash your creativity and develop your own style, but this is not to say that there are no rules to follow when doing landscaping with potted plants.

The key, perhaps, lies in striking a good balance between your own, unique vision and certain universal landscape design rules. Put these two together and you will likely land on the safe side of things, in a garden which catches the eye with refreshing originality but raises no eyebrows with awkward design choices.

For starters, consider the following five sure-fire landscaping tricks. They will help you steer clear of common landscaping mistakes but at the same time, they will give you enough leeway to make the garden truly yours. Scroll even further down and you will find ten of our favorite low-maintenance outdoor plants.

Arranging Your Garden Pots Like a Pro

1. Choose a theme and stick to it

Buying every pretty garden pot you see can sometimes be very tempting, right? This is not a bad idea if you have a large outside space and just a few plant planters, but if you have a limited amount of space your garden pots can quickly clash. Why not commit to one consistent theme instead? This way, you limit the number of these unwanted clashes, but you also give your garden a pleasant sense of cohesion and balance.

2. Vary your planter heights

Picking a theme doesn’t mean you’ll be getting identical pots. As a matter of fact, variety in terms of planter shapes and sizes is an easy landscaping go-to move, especially given the wide range of choices we can enjoy in any bigger garden center. A very large planter can become your garden’s centerpiece, but get a few short, tall, thin and fat containers nonetheless.

landscaping with potted plants

3. Match your pots with other garden supplies

Matching the pots with your other garden elements is the best way to get the right choices for your garden. For instance, tall, slim and stylish pots are ideal for single, architectural plants. Shrubs and small alpines will look good in stacked large hexagonal containers. Don’t try to match your plants with the garden pots you buy as this could mean that you’re purchasing plants you don’t really like. You will likely end up neglecting those plants.

4. Go for modern designs

In the past, you could only get garden pots with ribbed patterns and handles. Today, there are plenty of modern pots that are designed to be elegant and sleek. These pots will create an intriguing, eye-catching urban theme in your garden. Modern garden pots have more emphasis on geometric shapes, and are really perfect for a soft garden that requires a solid piece that can catch attention.

landscaping with potted plants

5. Keep experimenting

When choosing garden pots and planters, you should consider your own decorating style. Use textures, colors and sizes to create your desired look for your garden. Take a look at your home and experiment to determine the right style for you. If you are not happy with your garden, you can easily change it. Replace plants or change the arrangement of pots to create a new look for your garden.

Picking the Right Plants for Your Project

Landscaping with potted plants involves choosing the right plants for your containers. Whether you’re arranging an outdoor area for yourself, for your company or perhaps for a client, the first thing you will be looking at is the price tag. If your company has only allotted a minimal budget for outdoor plants and landscaping, that’s perfectly alright.

This is because one of the best things you can do to stay within budget is to go about choosing plants that will not have to be frequently maintained. Doing so will eliminate the need for a weekly or bi-weekly crew, subsequently saving your business money without compromising the outer appearance of your commercial property.

Here are ten of our favorite low-maintenance plants recommended for private gardens, but at the same time for storefronts, office buildings, restaurants and more!

1. Mexican Feather Grass

This type of ornamental grass is affordable, pest-resistant and practically drought-proof, which is why it makes a great outdoor plant for those wanting to do very little watering, fertilizing or spraying.

landscaping with potted plants

2. Variegated Ribbon Grass

Ribbon grass is not only beautiful, it also makes a great filler and doesn’t require much maintenance. This particular variation is relatively small (only grows to about a foot high), making it ideal for placing in small-medium plant containers.

landscaping with potted plants

3. Elijah Blue Fescue

The icy blue color of this ornamental grass gives it a decorative quality, and the fluffy seed heads that bloom at the beginning of the summer are virtually immune to heat and drought.

landscaping with potted plants

4. Avalanche Feather Reed Grass

The foliage produced by this tall grass is a bright green color and has a white stripe all the way down the center, delivering an ornamental grass that is easy to landscape with. It likes full sun and will grow to be about 4-5 feet tall.

landscaping with potted plants

5. Golden Sage

Sage is an herb used to flavor savory dishes, but it is also a decorative plant that is easy to care for. The plant produces a lovely fragrance and grayish leaves that build dimension without demanding too much attention.

landscaping with potted plants

6. Yucca

Native to North America, this perennial evergreen roots deep and has the potential to survive for hundreds of years! The plants are drought-resistant and there’s no need to fertilize unless you deem necessary.

landscaping with potted plants

7. Wooly Thyme

This perennial herb is perfect for ornamental use around entrances because it’s decorative and unique. The fuzzy texture of the plant is intriguing and the silvery color is subtle.

landscaping with potted plants

8. Dwarf Spruce

Dwarf spruces are an excellent choice to plant around the office because they grow slowly, require little pruning and adapt well to container life. The roots can get a bit unruly, so make sure you plant these in some of our extra-large tree planters.

landscaping with potted plants

9. Goldenrod

If you’d like to add a pop of color to your landscape, we recommend the goldenrod as one of many excellent outdoor plants. The yellow buds are bold and bright, while the plant itself is easy to maintain.

landscaping with potted plants

10. Fountain Grass

This is a go-to plant for industrial landscapers because it can be used along borders or planted in a variety of containers, making for an intriguing addition to a number of different spaces.

landscaping with potted plants

Putting Your Plants in Outstanding Containers

If you pair the above plants with the landscaping tips and tricks that preceded them, you should be able to arrange your green area in a pleasant and balanced way, at the same time staying away from too obvious, cookie-cutter gardening solutions. But to get your adventures in landscaping with potted plants properly under way, you will also need a few excellent containers for your plants! Browse our large collection of modern fiberglass planters and see if they fill the bill for you.

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