Modern Interior Designs for Homes – Inspiring Examples

Modern interior design is clearly the order of the day these days, a natural choice for most of us when arranging the interiors of our homes. At the same time, many people would probably find it difficult to pinpoint the actual design features that bring about that desired modern feel – or even more crucially, why they like a given room in the first place or not.

While there are various trends in modern interior designs for homes, and these obviously change from season to season, there are also certain recurring themes that can be considered the golden rules for creating a pleasurable contemporary home interior – ones that most professional interior designers refer to in their work. These rules are also your safest bet; go along with them and your experiments in interior design will likely yield good results.

Broadly speaking, modern interior design boils down to understanding the basic principles of geometry and symmetry but then also having the courage to transgress them in a conscious, calculated manner; mixing up shapes, textures and decorative pieces in ways which result in interiors with sharp, striking contrasts and clear focal points.

Use strong shapes and clear lines, stick with the essentials and don’t clutter the room with insignificant trinkets. Choose a hero piece in a bold color, apply a contrasting palette and don’t shy away from controversial choices with your accessories; it’s your room after all! Don’t be afraid to follow your gut and make a few brave statements to express your own style.

But don’t worry, there’s no real need to reinvent the wheel either. The internet abounds with masterful examples of interior design, so why don’t you use some of them as inspiration? Here’s a few of our own designs – featuring our flower pots as centerpieces. They make a great addition to a range of modern interior designs for homes, so be sure to take a look at our extensive collection of modern fiberglass planters!

Planter In Modern Home
modern planter designs for homes
flower pot for morden home
Planter In Modern Home
Modern Planter Design

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