Extra Large Pots For Trees With 9 Perfect Decor & Landscaping Ideas

Adding extra large pots for trees is the perfect way to upgrade any interior or exterior design. Whether you have a small or large outdoor area or a crowded or spacious inside, these planters are incredibly versatile and can accommodate any environment.

With their unique designs and shapes, they instantly add texture and a stately dynamic quality to your building or garden while still being lightweight and easy to transport.

Bring life to your indoor or outdoor environments by filling your favorite extra-large planters with gorgeous trees that complement your style. Whether you’re looking for a lush evergreen or an eye-catching flowering variety, the perfect tree can instantly transform your area into a tranquil oasis.

This article will provide a creative solution for your tree planting needs and good ideas for extra large pots for trees. These efficient planters will quickly become the highlight of your landscaping or interior design.

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9 Favorite Extra Large Planters + Ideas To Use Them With Trees

1. Add Curb Appeal With Extra Large Pots For Trees

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In our increasingly urban environment, the need to install nature into our lives is becoming increasingly necessary. One creative solution is to line your patio or entranceway with several round extra large planters and plant some beautiful trees in them.

This becomes an instant eye-catcher for customers or guests and creates an inviting atmosphere with very little hassle.

Try using a planter like the Wannasee Extra Large Round Planter to really pack an aesthetic punch!

2. Outdoor Environments Are Healthier With Extra Large Tree Pots

Outdoor planters provide the perfect tool to plant trees in your garden! The range of extra-large planters from Planter Etc is manufactured to provide the ideal environment for any tree to thrive, while their designs stand the test of time with any aesthetics.

Planters on a deck
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Try using the Lima Square Tapered Planter. Their larger size provides plenty of room for ample planting and root growth. Remember to select one with drainage holes to remove residual heat and moisture which will prevent the roots from rotting.

When winter comes and your trees need a little TLC, simply just pick them up and bring them inside! This flexibility in the arrangement is just one of the many benefits that planters have for the health of your plants!

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3. Create A Seamless Look With Rectangular Plant Pots For Indoor Plants

With hundreds of sizes perfectly proportioned to fit any space, rectangular planters offer chic and modern design elements that will add beauty as well as function to your home or office. With planters as such as the Camoux Narrow Planter, it’s possible to adorn hallways, divide areas for work or relaxation, and bring nature indoors in a manner that’s both stylish and clean.

With their straight edges and clean lines, they provide a stately dynamic that blends wonderfully with any interior design style. And because of their depth, they are ideal for large plants that require more space and soil to grow.

Not only do these simple rectangular plant pots provide a neat and contemporary appeal to a room, but they also hold up beautifully over time with proper care.

Rectangular Plant Pots for Indoor Plants
©Doug Carl Residence / Jay Scotts

4. Go Big With Extra Large Cube-Shaped Planters

If you’re looking for one creative solution to your outdoor environments, look no further than extra large cube-shaped containers to plant trees.

These stylish and modern planters from the Jay Scotts collection come in a variety of sizes, from small to extra large, making them perfect for adding a bold statement to any exterior design.

3 tall planters
©Jay Scotts

Cubic shapes make planters stable and ideal for holding larger trees or multiple plants at once. For very large plants, we recommend planter box shapes.

As well as giving your garden an edgy aesthetic, they also boast plenty of practical features such as double layers of heat and cold protection and drainage holes so that you can easily water plants without overflow. So don’t be afraid to go big – these cube-shaped planters are sure to bring life and style to your outdoors!

5. Create An Outdoor Oasis On Your Patio With Extra Large Pots For Trees

Make your patio an outdoor paradise by using your favorite extra-large planters. These deep and spacious vessels provide the perfect habitat for larger trees, allowing you to add lush greenery to any outdoor space. Such displays are great for bio-diversity even in an increasingly urban environment.

square planters outside a home
©The Plant Guy / Jay Scotts

With a variety of sizes and colors available in our outdoor planter range, you can easily customize the look of your patio with large tree pots that are sure to make a tremendous impact.

Not only that, but their sturdy design allows the pot to be lightweight yet durable, so no matter how big your trees get, your planters won’t be at risk of falling, failing, or becoming a hazard over time.

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6. Unique Effects With Unusual Shapes: Different Types Of Extra Large Plant Containers

Get creative with your interior or exterior container design by exploring the world of unusual shapes and sizes of extra-large plant containers.

From classic tapered pots to our rock-shaped planters whose designs stand out, these large planters offer endless possibilities for adding visual interest to any garden or patio setting.

Lionfish Restaurant
©Lionfish Restaurant / Jay Scotts

Experiment with tall slim cylinders for a vertical lift, or opt for trendy square boxes to emphasize the horizontal lines in the landscape.

Cascading planter boxes such as the Seoul Modern Planter can also be used to introduce an artistic flow of greenery that lends a unique touch to an otherwise plain canvas.

With so many diverse styles available, you’re sure to find something that will bring an unconventional twist to your large-scale garden display and favorite trees.

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7. Make The Most Of Limited Space: Tips For Growing Trees In Confined Spaces

Growing trees in a limited or confined space can be daunting but with the right tools and techniques, you can easily transform your indoors into one with lush greenery.

Large planters can help maximize space – look for oval, rectangular, or square containers that fit snugly against walls and in tight nooks. Planting in tall planters is ideal!

Choose slow-growing species like weeping willows or upright birches that won’t need to be pruned often and won’t outgrow their pots too quickly. Remember to give your tree plenty of sunlight and adequate drainage, as these are essential for keeping it healthy and thriving.

With an eye for design and some savvy planning, you can take advantage of every inch of your garden or home to create a stunning green oasis.

extra large pots for trees
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8. Contrasting Colors: The Perfect Combinations For Interior Or Exterior Design To Plant Trees

The right combination of colors can add an extra layer of interest to your garden or patio. Big planters are one creative solution for creating dramatic contrasts with their bold hues, allowing you to draw attention to certain areas of your indoor or outdoor space with very little hassle and one of our favorite large planter ideas when on a budget!

For traditional pairings whose designs stand the test of time, try bright oranges and muted blues, or deep maroons and pale yellows. These would contrast perfectly with the lush greenery of any tree.

For a softer look, go for light colors in a sleek planter such as our Alzira Bowl Planter in Satin Beige (SBE).

©Brannan / Jay Scotts

While these colors resemble the natural aesthetics of other materials like concrete or ceramic, you get all the benefits of a fiberglass and resin planter!

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more striking, then experiment with unexpected color combinations like emerald greens and tangerines or cobalt blues and coral reds. No matter what combination you choose, don’t be afraid to mix things up and make it your unique style!

Our planter collection from Jay Scotts has 20 different paints in gloss and matte finishes to choose from. So deciding on colors for your favorite extra-large planters has never been easier.

9. Using Extra Large Pots For Trees To Create Privacy

extra large pots for trees
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Extra large pots for trees are a great way to add privacy and beauty to your garden or business.

This technique has become popular in our increasingly urban environment, where the need to balance concrete with nature is a must.

This trick has huge results when applied to social areas such as bar patios or for creating luscious private gardens on balconies or rooftops.

Instead of building a wall, install a large planter with trees in your indoor or outdoor environments. This method of using extra-large planters creates privacy with very little hassle.

With the right placement, you can create an attractive living wall that blocks out prying eyes and keeps your backyard or pool feeling covered and secluded.

Like in the example above, our customer used our Cuba Low Rectangular Planter to plant large evergreen trees with dense foliage. Top tip: Try using faux trees to ensure year-round foliage!

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With so many ideas, we do not doubt that you are now eager to begin your next project.

For all of your planter purchases, look no further than Planters Etc. Our range of large planters comes in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and is sure to fill all of your requirements and needs.

All of the planters we sell are produced using the finest fiberglass and resin materials, which have a plethora of amazing benefits. This material is so dependable that all of our products come with a 3-year warranty.

With all of these fantastic benefits, there is no better time than to start shopping for your perfect interior or exterior design with Planters Etc now!

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