4 Inexpensive Large Planter Ideas | Tips For Massive Garden Pots On A Budget

Whether you are feeling the pinch of the current economic climate or simply trying to get good value for your money, finding some inexpensive large planter ideas is a great way to build a beautiful garden or interior design.

To that end, we want to help you not only save money but make the most out of your big planter purchases!

So, here are some planter ideas to help you buy the most gorgeous planters that will save you money, time, and effort, and create a stunning garden no matter the budget!

4 Inexpensive Large Planter Ideas To Make The Most Out Of Your Investment

Despite fiberglass initially being more money than some of its competitors, although in our opinion not even in the same league, we have some ideas, tips, and tricks to cut costs and utilize your investment.

1. One Large Pot, Many Plants

inexpensive large planter ideas
©Lasting Greenery / Jay Scotts

If you have one large pot, it doesn’t necessarily equal one large plant. For example, a container like the Granada Wide Rectangular Planter is the perfect size to plant an array of flowers. You can choose a mixture of annuals and trailing plants to create a stunning visual display.

Read our article on plant pot sizes for tips on planting and finding the right pot!

2. Grow Food, And Save Money On Groceries With Large Planters!

Lionfish Restaurant
©Lionfish Restaurant / Jay Scotts

If growing food is your thing, instead of buying several small pots, consider buying one large planter for your container garden.

A large container can be very practical, think about the rows of herbs, fruit, or vegetables you can fit in this thing! This will save massively on the cost of planting each one individually, as well as making it easier to water all your plants.

If you are a beginner at growing vegetables in pots, you can find some useful information in our article Beginners Guide To Growing An Apartment Vegetable Garden.

3. Grow Valuable Plants In Large Planters

Round planter
©The Gates / Jay Scotts

You may have read our previous article about the twelve most valuable house plants. An amazing idea to recoup some of the money you spend on your own planters is to grow a valuable plant with the intention to sell it one day.

This is a win-win really, as you get to enjoy the plant in your own home and then benefit from the sale also.

If you want to read more on how plants can increase your wealth, read about The 10 Best Feng Shui Plants For Home | Enhance Your Health & Wealth.

4. Large Planters Save You Money On Landscaping Projects

Commercial properties planters
Commercial properties benefit from the value of our planters / ©Ambius / Jay Scotts

Picture this: you need to build privacy or create division between spaces in your house, or business. Sure you could build walls at a high cost and with little visual appeal. Or, you could acquire a few large planters like our Delray Tall Rectangular Planters and use them to create a partition in the space. The tall planter height acts like a wall, while also adding beautiful plants and creating a comfortable atmosphere.

You can see our Jay Scotts collection planters being used effectively in this project where containers are arranged to create intimate spaces around the pool and in other guest areas.

This method is also great for optimizing areas like patios that seat a lot of people, while still aiming for privacy between guests.

Learn more about how commercial landscaping can grow your business.

For other budgeting ideas, read about Awesome Inexpensive Desert Landscaping Ideas When On A Budget!

What Large Planter Material Should I Buy?

The key to choosing new planters is to consider which material you need.

worker fiberglass planters
Our fiberglass planters are handcrafted and finished to perfection. ©Jay Scotts

The most common large plant pot materials and their pros/ cons

  • Concrete planters – They last a long time as they are hard to crack, but they are heavy and can become ugly if left outdoors due to lime, salt, and moss buildup.
  • Plastic planters – These are cheap and lightweight. The biggest drawbacks are how easily they break and the little protection they offer your plants in various weather conditions. They are often found in garden centers, thrift stores, and yard sales.
  • Wood planters – Wooden planters can look really attractive, but they, unfortunately, don’t last long and are high maintenance.
  • Terracotta planters – Again, like the wooden ones, terracotta looks gorgeous, especially for flower pots, and you can find some fairly cheap options. A big disadvantage with this material is how easily it’s broken. It is also heavy, so it is difficult to move around.
  • Ceramic planters – Using a very similar material to terracotta, they come in different colors and usually have a protective layer of lacquer. They are however easily broken, chipped, and deteriorate over the years.
  • Fiberglass planters – This material is lightweight, durable, stylish, and low maintenance. Although at the outset they look expensive, they do tend to be the best value for money long term.

How fiberglass stacks up against other inexpensive planter materials

The cheapest options – plastic, and terracotta, may be your only option if you are on an extremely tight budget. We recommend only using plastic inside your house and not on the patio or in the garden, as they just can’t withstand most weather.

Terracotta can be a big jump in price from plastic, but at least you can use them outside. We recommend choosing a spot before filling the pot, as moving it around will increase the chance of damage or breaking.

Plant pots with ceramic material are a small step in price but suffer some of the same ailments as Terracotta. We don’t recommend either of these materials for commercial use as they can both look unprofessional quickly due to cracks, stains, and being worn over the years.

Wood, concrete, and fiberglass are on the higher end of the price scale. concrete and fiberglass have the added benefit of durability, but fiberglass wins hands down in the design and looks department.

For us, fiberglass planters are a clear winner. Their benefits outweigh the price and their durability in function, form, and beauty makes fiberglass planters last long enough to warrant the investment.

5 Benefits Of Fiberglass Planters That Save Your Budget & Time

From the outlook, it may appear that fiberglass planters are expensive, especially compared with the flimsy plastic variety you can purchase for very cheap. However, just because something is cheap, doesn’t make it a good value.

We have compiled five compelling reasons why fiberglass planters are fantastic value for the money, and in the long run, are truly the inexpensive option.

1. Large Planters Are Lightweight Yet Durable

Globe Planter
©Globe Planter / Jay Scotts

The fiberglass used in all of the products sold at Planters Etc is of the highest quality. Fiberglass is an enhanced material that allows the containers to be lightweight and easy to move, while still being strong and difficult to damage or break.

This makes them ideal for many uses, both indoor and outdoor, and in high-traffic areas such as on shop floors or in public areas. Large fiberglass planters in the home or garden stay in exceptional condition even with lots of handling!

2. It’s Worth Paying For Weatherproof Planters

rectangular planters in a front yard
©Garden works supply / Jay Scotts

Our Fiberglass planters are able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, from freezing temperatures to scorching heat.

This allows you to use your planters all year round and will cut down costs, not just on money, but on your time and energy moving the pots around as the weather changes.

3. Large Fiberglass Planters Last A Long Time

Rectangular planters
©Jay Scotts

Not only can our planters be used in every season of the year, but they can also be used for many many years. This is because fiberglass is a fantastic material that very rarely breaks and has longevity.

Over time this will equal a huge saving, as you purchase a few planters, and they last you a lifetime!

4. Fiberglass Planters Can Be Fixed Easily

rectangular planters
©The Plant Guy / Jay Scotts

Unlike some materials, it is quite rare for fiberglass planters to become damaged or cracked. In the rare event that they do, in many cases, they can be easily fixed with light sanding and a touch-up with paint.

This is quite unlike many other planter materials. Take terracotta, for example, one accidental drop or bump can break it immediately, and although you can use adhesive to piece it back together, the ugly lines it leaves will render it unsightly.

5. All The Flower Pots In Our Product Range Come With A Warranty

You would be hard pushed to find a store willing to offer a warranty on containers that are manufactured with cheap materials such as plastic or terracotta. That’s because they are often easily broken on impact or damaged by weather.

At Planter Etc, we are so confident in our Jay Scotts Collection planters that all our planters come with an industry-leading warranty. This can put your mind to rest that your investment is well protected.

Learn More About Planters Etc And The Jay Scotts Collection

You can find read about all the benefits of fiberglass planters and why we chose the Jay Scotts Collection to offer to America’s homeowners and businesses. We hope you, your flowers, and your plants enjoyed these large planter ideas!

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