7 Great Commercial Landscape Designs To Grow Your Business In 2023

Well-kept exterior landscaping is a must for commercial properties since most clients are drawn in by a beautiful and well-kept garden. Making a business setting more eye-catching and welcoming for clients is the aim of commercial landscape design. It should attract customers and give them a sense of security, warmth, and satisfaction.

Most businesses focus more on the interior design of the building than the exterior of the commercial property. However, the first thing a visitor notices when they enter your business is the exterior landscaping.

A stunning commercial landscape design also offers good working conditions for employees, promoting a positive impression of your regard for the business and the staff.

You may significantly enhance the appearance of your commercial landscape by following a few straightforward landscaping ideas and professional tips.

Benefits Of Landscaping For Businesses

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There are several benefits to landscaping your commercial property. A professional landscape design attracts customers or clients, showcases the building’s architecture, and improves the image of your business as well as your brand. 

Landscaping may encourage customers to enjoy themselves and take their time, depending on what is best for your business. Add hardscape furnishings such as tables and chairs, benches, or perhaps even low walls created by planters to help create a spot where visitors feel comfortable dwelling.

Alternatively, footpaths or patios that are complemented with trees, plants, or a wall feature can help show a clear route that will facilitate direct traffic flow.

Commercial landscaping is advantageous for many businesses. Let’s take a look at 4 key benefits of commercial landscaping.

Boost Productivity & Health Benefits Of Your Staff

Employees who have access to nature throughout the offices are more likely to be in better physical and mental health and to be happier with their jobs and personal lives.

According to Plantsatwork, Professor Virginia Lohr (Washington State University) discovered that plants help to relieve stress and enhance production levels, so much so that your employees’ concentration levels can improve by 23%.

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The Financial Advantage Of Landscaping

People tend to spend more at businesses they consider to be attractive, therefore commercial landscaping can result in economic gain. Strategically planned and maintained landscaping creates the impression that your company is large and diversified. Well-maintained commercial landscapes demonstrate your efficiency and your caring attitude toward the business.

Research carried out by The University of Washington’s Urban Forestry/Urban Greening indicated that:

  • Shoppers say that they will spend 9% to 12% more on products and services in central business districts with high-quality tree canopy.
  • Shoppers suggest that they will go a greater distance and spend more time in a district with high-quality trees and that they will spend more time once there.

Furthermore, the National Association of Landscape Professionals reports that better-landscaped workplaces have rental rates that are 7% higher than those that do not.

Commercial Landscaping Increases Property Value

The worth of your property can increase by thousands of dollars with landscaping. In fact, it is one of the few property upgrades you can make that not only adds value right away but also rises in value over time. Plants become larger and more resilient with age, but interior design and decorating trends change often, and mechanical systems age.

Landscaping Promotes Your Business Brand And Reputation

Retaining customers is your first priority. Clients’ attitudes toward your company are influenced by their impressions of your business. Therefore, well-maintained commercial landscapes can tell consumers and clients that you pay attention to details and care about how your business appears. Attractive landscaping is one of the most efficient strategies to shape their opinions of your business.

7 Commercial Landscaping Ideas That Will Rocket Your Business

1. Build A Welcoming Entrance

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The first impression is everything, so make it unforgettable! Appealing and welcoming space is essential for many businesses since it greets consumers, especially if you own a retail store. Creating a welcoming entrance requires unique and clear access to your commercial space.

You don’t want your clients to become disoriented while looking for your front door, so here are some interesting commercial landscaping ideas to make your company’s entrance appealing:

  • To draw customers in, use vibrant flowers in the entryway.
  • From the street or parking lot, make a path to your front door. Pavers, concrete, or ornate bricks can all be utilized.
  • Make sure you lead them in the right way if your entrances are along the side of the office building.
  • Add symmetrical pots on both sides for visual appeal.

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2. Use Dramatic Colors And Eye-catching Lighting

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Don’t plant too many large trees that could overshadow commercial buildings. Make sure passersby can see your building from every angle. Use vibrant and appealing colors to improve the overall appearance of the structure. In addition to ensuring the building’s safety, outside lighting also helps your landscaping bloom at night.

Even when your business is closed, remind your clients of who you are. Dramatic outdoor lighting may help remind the client about you and your goods and services 24/7 by illuminating sight features of your landscape and more significantly, your business name and symbol.

3. Build An Eco-friendly Environment

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©Jay Scotts

The good news is that investing in commercial landscapes does not really cost an arm and a leg, if you’re on a tight budget, try going green!

Check out a few suggestions for Eco-friendly commercial landscapes to apply to your property:

  • Reduce the size of your yard to save money on the lawn. As an outcome, you will use less water in general, which is critical for environmental landscaping.
  • Choose low-maintenance plants. It is critical to pick plants that require little care to thrive in green landscaping. Annuals, for example, are attractive but require upkeep that is not ecologically friendly such as using lots of fertilizer.
  • Instead of fencing, wide rectangular planters can be used to create separate spaces and dividers.
  • If you decide to build fences, choose ecological materials, such as bamboo.

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If that isn’t green enough for you, consider using tall trees to reduce noise, create shade, or block wind, and therefore reduce heating and cooling costs. Trees can be planted in planters to allow a neat and tidy appearance while being healthy for the plant too.

Another option is a green roof, which is a layer of plants installed above a waterproof barrier on your business’s roof. These are extremely useful in urban environments, where they may assist to decrease water runoff and energy expenses by absorbing heat and providing natural insulation.

4. Plant Ornamental Trees And Colorful Plants

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What better way to market your business than with a shining flower garden? People are attracted to vibrant colors by nature. Here are some inventive methods to include flowers in your commercial landscape design ideas:

  • Create a floral garden where your company’s emblem is visible. They may even spell out your company name by employing flowers that stand in for the colors of your brand. This will undoubtedly get people’s attention.
  • Make sure your grass is isolated from any flower gardens. Raised flower beds offer a pleasing visual value if your business does not have a green space.

A lovely, vibrant plant may attract clients, especially if it’s in a standout container. Going huge with containers on commercial sites is acceptable and even preferred in order to draw attention.

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5. Hardscaping

The term “hardscaping” refers to any structure that is permanent and not alive on your property. A complex structure like a courtyard with a fountain and lots of seating is one option, or just simply a walkway leading to your front door. Your hardscape may have a straightforward purpose, such as offering staff outside seats, or it may make a huge statement to draw in more clients.

Unique elements such as gazebos, pergolas, arbors, statues, sculptures, ponds with a little bridge, or a water feature can be added to your hardscape design.

The aesthetic and design of your property will be leveled up and shaped by your hardscape features, which will also raise the value of your home. A solid hardscape design and installation is a long-term, cost-effective investment for your business property since it is made up of permanent components that will withstand adverse weather conditions for many years.

Planters can also count as hardscape features and for any property developer looking to use planters in commercial landscape design, the calculation and planning to include planters should be done at the start of the project to really take advantage of the form, function, and beauty that commercial planters provide.

Since a landscape consists of so much more than simply planting trees, hiring skillful landscaping professionals can be essential to the realization of your concept.

A professional in landscaping will have the essential knowledge to arrange things in a harmonic way or add missing aspects to your space, such as:

  • Pathways and sidewalks
  • Lawns
  • Walls
  • Fencing
  • Water features
  • Commercial planters
  • Flowering plants

6. Choose Key Locations To Upgrade

©Jay Scotts

Seating space at the building’s entryway is sometimes highly desired. Maybe your clients are waiting for someone to meet them, or maybe just your staff taking a break from work to enjoy the lovely weather in Florida and catch up on some Vitamin D. A company’s entryways, balconies, and patios become much more welcoming when some nice site furnishings are installed.

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7. Promote Your Business Image

Displaying your brand on your outdoor commercial landscape is an ideal way to include promotional materials. Use brand colors for your outside pots, or put your company’s emblem on outdoor umbrellas, seats, and tables.

Passers-by will be enticed to learn more about what you are doing if you have a lovely outside space with proper branding.

Contact our professional sales experts for bespoke planter orders to promote your business.

Professional Tips For Commercial Landscape Design

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Install Smart Irrigation Systems

Not every project needs to be visually appealing. Superior upkeep is one way to set your landscape design apart, but who has time to handle all the watering requirements of plants throughout the summer heat?

That’s the reason why installing an automatic irrigation system is crucial, not only it saves you time, but also beneficial for the environment and your budget.

Installing smart irrigation systems, such as rainwater catchments, to conserve water sends a strong statement that you care about the environment.

Year-round Planning

In the long run, your business landscape design has to have a year-round plan. Keep in mind that what could look fine in the spring won’t look the same in the fall or winter! However, by designing a staggered planting scheme, your landscape will look fantastic all year round.

Good all-year-round plants need good planters too! And fiberglass planters are a no-brainer for your plants! The resin and fiberglass components used are resistant to sun damage and can survive the most extreme weather and climatic conditions, including hard winters, frost, and salt exposure. Plus, fiberglass maintenance is easy, fiberglass planters will remain for years if properly cared for, both indoors and outdoors.

Regular Maintenance

Always make time to stroll in the garden to check for any presenting damages. Pavement cracks, sinkholes, and other risky issues might be among them. It’s critical to address those issues as soon as possible for your business’s own sake!

Elevate Your Commercial Landscape Design With Fiberglass Planters

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Why are fiberglass planters the best quality commercial planters available? Our planters and pots exceed expectations in every way, from the high-grade automotive paint finish with UV protection to the sturdy fiberglass components.

We are your one-stop shop for all your planter requirements, offering over 70 distinct types in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes. Whether you are enhancing your landscaping, building a garden, or setting up a recreational area– we have the right planter for you!

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FAQs About Commercial Landscaping

What Is A Realistic Landscaping Budget?

When planning your landscape, the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) advises starting with a budget of 10 to 20% of the value of your property.

Additionally, hiring a commercial landscaper could result in higher charges, but it might also result in a better overall experience and longer space utilization.

Make use of your landscape professional while designing your long-term commercial landscape. Talk about all of the solutions and recommendations concerning landscaping business buildings.

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How Do I Make My Landscaping Low Maintenance?

Landscape maintenance does not have to be time-consuming, here are a few tips to follow if you wish to have a low-maintenance landscape design:

Plant more perennials – Annual plants have a longer blooming season than perennial plants, yet perennial plants come back year after year. Plant a wide range of perennials throughout the landscape for stunning, ever-changing vistas throughout the year, and utilize annuals for clever color accents in high-traffic areas.

Plant in containers – Every space welcoming with potted plants. They offer color, texture, and architectural interest to any outdoor living space while softening the sharp edges of the pavement. Think about creating mixed container gardens with flowers and greenery in smaller containers or a large pot with a patio tree. For extra interest, mix and match groupings of various size pots and change their arrangements seasonally.

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Install stone & concrete – For usage in vertical and horizontal hardscaping projects, both natural stone and concrete offer timeless beauty. They may be expensive up front, but they are quite durable. In comparison to poured concrete, patios and walkways built with flagstone or pavers look excellent and have more drainage.

Let Your Business Thrive With Planters Etcetera

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Eager to start landscaping with containers? With over 70 different styles in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, let us help you with your landscaping needs.

If you are worried about the longevity of your commercial landscaping investment, do not. Our planters withstand diverse weather conditions, from frosty winters to scorching summers.

All our planters come with an industry-leading warranty emphasizing the commitment and value of our fiberglass planters.

Feel free to contact us and our sales consultants will be more than happy to walk you through any outstanding questions or requests you might have. If you’re ready to shop, it’s time to visit our online store!

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