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The residence wanted to find planters and plants that would thrive in the harsh sun and heat of California. Many common houseplants will simply not survive or do well in these conditions.

Planters were the answer. Providing an oasis for plants, our planters are made of healthy and UV-resisting materials that enabled this property to flourish.

Choosing functional yet stylish planters was also key to complementing the architecture of the house.

By adding greenery, the property’s spaces have a more natural and inviting feel, perfect for entertaining or simply relaxing outdoors.

Elevate Your Commercial Or Residential Project With Our Planters

Our planters are made from lightweight yet durable fiberglass (the best planter material). They are perfect for any kind of business both indoors and outdoors. Offered in a wide selection, there are many styles and colors to suit your business’ design needs.

If you are worried about the longevity of your investment, do not. Our planters withstand diverse weather conditions, from frosty winters to scorching summers. To underscore our value and commitment, all our planters come with an industry-leading warranty.

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