8 Beautiful Porch Plants & Planting Ideas For Front Door Containers

For many people, their home is their castle. This is the case whether or not they are renting or have bought that house. This is simply because, by nature, we are house-proud people, and also, having a lovely beautiful home makes our quality of life that much better.

This sentiment is accurate when it comes to commercial properties, first impressions often go a long way.

With this in mind, it makes sense to focus on your front porch as it is the first thing you see when you get home from work, when you have guests come over to visit, or when customers enter. You want the front porch space to radiate a calm and inviting atmosphere, and to set the tone of your property.

There are so many options for front porch decor, but our top recommendation is to include some gorgeous porch planters and some lush green plants.

The Best Plants For Your Front Porch

Plants in front of porch

There are a variety of flowers, shrubs, and trees that can add vibrant colors and curb appeal to your porch. To choose the right style for you, it’s a good idea to consider the sunlight requirements and maintenance of the front porch plants you intend to buy.

Another consideration is the climate of the place you live. Some plants do better in the cold, hot, humid, dry, etc. If you aren’t sure about the environment you live in, you can find a guide to all of the US and the various temperatures in our article on planting.

Best Plants For A Shaded porch

Shaded porch
©Planters Etc / 301 Ocean

If you have a North facing property or home, chances are your plants won’t receive much sunlight throughout the day. This is doubly likely as porches are an undercover area. But, don’t be discouraged, because there are some great options for plants that need partial shade or indirect sunlight.

1. Begonias


This flower comes in a huge variety of options and colors and can suit any style or decor. The best part? They prefer shady areas and indirect sun! Begonias also prefer to remain damp, so remember to water them frequently.

Their ideal growing temperature is 72 degrees, but they can withstand temperatures a little higher or lower.

You could try potting several flowers around 6 inches apart, in two large Shanghai Fish Bowl Planters on either side of your front door, or grow flowers in a few long rectangular planters to line the edges of your porch.

2. Hostas


These plants are touted as the perfect plants for shady or partial sun areas, as they remain lush and green without the need for sunlight, giving a tropical vibe in an otherwise cool environment.

As they are low-growing, we recommend situating them in a flower bed in front of the porch or in a short container like the Casa Blanca Bowl Planter.

You should water Hostas regularly during the warmer months and refrain during winter as they are dormant during this time.

3. Primrose


Primrose is a delicate flower, that you have no doubt heard of, or come across. This classic annual blooms in early spring and remains gorgeous throughout summer. As the seasons change, most types will die off, but some stay standing until early fall.

Although some varieties can handle full sun, they do best in a shady area, like under the cover of your front porch.

We love the look of these colorful delights lining the porch in the Salon Narrow Low Rectangular planter, in a hanging basket, or window box. They will instantly add a fresh, warm welcome to your property.

4. Ferns

©brlockwood / Unpslash

Ferns are a lover of indirect sunlight, so if your porch gets some sun during the day, you should consider placing these plants near your front door or along the wall, to keep them sheltered.

Some classic varieties you could choose are Boston Fern, Lady Fern, or Wood Fern. All are equally beautiful and low maintenance.

Ferns don’t grow well in pots that are too large or deep, so when they are first planted, opt for a shorter container to give them a fighting chance. Some great options for these front porch planters are the Cuba Low Corner Planter or the Kathryn Square Tapered Planter.

Best Plants For Front Porches With Full Sun

Front porch with full sun

So your porch is a receiver of direct sunlight, that’s fantastic! You can spend your days basking in the afternoon sun, working on your tan, and enjoying the plants you have surrounded yourself with!

When this is the case, choose plants that benefit from direct sun and thrive in these conditions. A good idea is also to opt for plants native to the area you live in, as they will naturally be the best suited to the climate.

You can read our article on Native Plants in the Pacific Northwest if you live in that area and need some inspiration for this unique climate.

Wherever you reside, we recommend you plant a mixture of perennials, and annuals to try to have engaging visuals all year round.

5. Sunflowers

Sun Flower
©Bonnie Kittle / Unsplash

The clue is in the name. These annual flowers are full sun plants and are generally quite sturdy as they can grow in many types of soil, regardless of the quality.

Unfortunately, they aren’t drought tolerant and do best in well-drained soil.

Check out our tips on good drainage for plants with some excellent advice on care, maintenance, and irrigation.

Sunflowers should be planted at least six inches apart, so if you plan to use containers, buy one that is wide enough to plant a few, or opt for a few singular flowers in smaller standing planters.

A good look would be to try using a tapered planter like the Pego Oval Planter if you want to plant them separately and scatter them around your porch. The shape of the container will balance the bloom of the sunflower perfectly.

Make sure that you sow the seeds after the last frost and to get the most out of your sunflowers. It is also recommended to stagger the planting to every two or three weeks. This will have them blooming at different times and maximize the time you have them in your garden.

6. Citrus Trees

Citrus Trees
©John Fornander / Unsplash

Growing a citrus tree is actually a lot easier than you might anticipate.

There are a few to choose from, but our recommendation would be a Dwarf Lemon Citrus Tree. In fact, the Dwarf Lemon Citrus Tree is not only the most popular but also the easiest to care for. These plants love the full sun and frequent watering.

It’s best to plant them in early spring unless your area is prone to cold weather and frost at that time. This will gives the trees time to settle before the cold weather comes.

Citrus trees bloom in spring and the fruit develops shortly after.

These beautiful trees do well in gardens or as potted plants. For a traditional style choose from our range of round planters, our favorite being the Tarragona Bowl Planter.

You can place two on either side of your porch steps or front door to frame the area and balance the aesthetics.

7. Lavender

©Daiga Ellaby /Unpslash

This is another famous plant that loves the sun. Unlike sunflowers, lavender is a perennial that will return year after year, and has blooms several times per year. As early as May, then again around June, and another at the start of fall as the temperatures start to drop. French Lavender in particular can last up to 3 months.

Lavender works great as front porch plants or for plants in front of the porch, as they look great in garden beds or standing planters alike.

These tall-growing plants work best in tall thin planters like the Milano Tall Corner Planter and look fantastic on most porches when strategically placed.

8. Petunias


Plant Petunias so they can bask in the sun for optimum growing conditions. There are around 20 different species of this plant and they originate from South America.

For something different, opt for wave petunias. Unlike regular petunias, this variety is a trailing plant and drapes perfectly over your containers or window boxes.

A mixture of these flowers with some thrillers and fillers work well in shorter containers like the Weir Rectangle Tabletop Planter.

Check out our comprehensive guide to help you arrange flowers in pots!

These arrangements will add a wow factor to your front porch and instant curb appeal to your property.

Best Porch Planters For Front Door Beauty

Need more inspiration? Read our article 15 Beautiful Front Porch Planter Ideas To Kick Off Summer for some more ideas on which planters to buy and where to place them!

Start Shopping For Porch Planters

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