15 Beautiful Front Porch Planters Ideas To Kick Off Summer

Here comes the sun, blue skies, and bright cheerful flowers! As summer is upon us, what better way is there to enjoy the spectacular season than with plants and colorful flowers right at your doorstep.

Decorating your front porch increases the curb appeal of your outdoor entryway, whether it’s for your home or business. Lush greenery and delightful blossoms are always a wonderful way to greet guests, a welcome sign understood universally! This fresh first impression puts everyone in a good mood whether you are coming home from a day at work or you are inviting customers into your restaurant.

An easy way to level up your porch plant game is with porch planters. Flower pots and planters come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and colors giving you a fun mix of decorating tools to play around with. Moreover, plant pots can be easily moved around, giving the flexibility to update your front door landscape to suit your mood or a new design style. It can also be swiftly moved depending on the season and utility.

Front porch planters are the best way to create a focal point for your garden and bring value to your house or commercial estate. Read on to find out the best porch planter ideas for the season!

15 Amazing Porch Planter Ideas You Need Today

1. Use Tall Planters to Frame the Doorway

An inviting facade and door on a lovely home // ©littlenySTOCK

An elegant way to decorate your front porch is with tall planters. A tall planter is a statement piece in itself, use it to frame your front door with a set of two. This creates a striking and balanced visual interest in your porch without taking up too much space.

This simple yet classic look is suitable for all design styles and throughout the year – you might want to plant an evergreen so that it will look good through all the seasons.

2. Make it Cute with a Door Planter

patio doorway fall floral arrangement

If front porch space is a major concern, that does not mean you can’t have any plants! Instead, look to using a door planter.

This is one of the easiest front porch planters to install, it takes just a few minutes to hang one on the door handle and immediately the front door looks more attractive.

3. Go for Multi-Level Pots

Gorgeous house made of stone decorated for autumn season

If you have the luxury of space, consider using pots of varying heights to line your front porch. Go for different shapes and sizes for the front porch planters.

Consider planting a mix of topiary trees and colorful flowers like blooming tulips and white petunias. This will create a pleasant and intriguing layered effect for your garden.

Front porches that are brimming with lush green growth are something to behold!

4. Use White Flower Pots Only

Three white plant pots
Three white plant pots // ©Alan / Shutterstock

It can be difficult to choose between the large variety of colors for front porch planters, the simplest solution is to just stick to white. Whether you use white large planters, white mismatched pots, or even a white lantern planter, the fact that they are all white ties the landscape together.

Moreover, using a white plant pot set allows the flowers and the plants to speak for themselves. Their growth and blooms will be more outstanding amongst the white. Of course, it goes without saying that a white planter goes with all home decor styles.

5. Use Hanging Baskets

hanging basket
©Gio / Unsplash

When one thinks of a front porch planter, it is usually a traditional flower planter. Why not mix things up by using hanging baskets?

This will allow you to utilize ceiling and roof space and create a magical look of floating plants. Choose baskets or hanging coir planters holders that are sturdy and carefully place your planters within them.

An interesting plant for this look is the sweet potato vine, which can hang daintily across your porch. Consider using the three-level coco coir planter concept by creating a tiered or planting layered effect!

6. Utilise those Porch Stairs

©Jay Scotts / Toulan Planters Work Great On The Front Porch

Lucky enough to have stairs on your porch? Use them to create the ultimate curb appeal! Choose an even number of front porch planters and line them up on the steps, mirroring the number of planters on each end of the steps.

This is an elegant porch planter idea that will frame your front door, welcoming everyone as they step through!

7. Make it Pop with Colorful Planter Pots

©Planters Etc / Lima Tapered Planters in Red

A great way to make a statement on front porches is with color. People are naturally attracted to bright colors, and having a house or shop with a colorful front porch can be a warm and welcoming sight.

The best way to do this is to stick to a color scheme. For businesses, we suggest following your brand colors and choosing planters to match. For houses, it is ideal to follow the home decor palette and use front porch planters that compliment it.

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8. Upcycled Chair Planter

Decorative green houseplant in pot standing on metal table
©Kompas.com / Decorative green houseplant

If you have an old rocking chair or wooden chair that is barely usable anymore but you can’t bear to throw it away, this is a great way to upcycle it.

Leave the cute chair angled by your door with a flower planter sitting on it. Immediately this will lend a vintage touch to your front porch.

Small plants would be best suited for this look, go for succulents, an ornamental cabbage, or even a pot of patriotic red geraniums to celebrate July.

9. Pail it Up

©Pam Walker / An image of an old vintage wooden pail with a rope handle in a pile of brightly colored autumn leaves

A simple way to go for the modern farmhouse look is to use old pails to house your planters. Give an old pail new life by incorporating it into your front porch garden.

The easiest way to do this is to leave the old pail on the ground by the door with cheerful flowers such as gerbera daisies or yellow flowers poking out. Step it up by having the pails hanging from the porch roofs.

Or, you can even go the extra mile to have them hanging as wrought iron wall planters or red picket fence planters as areal dedication to creating that farmhouse touch!

10. Plant in Watering Cans

watering can on trough
©Robert Hrovat / Unsplash

Look no further for a fun way to brighten up your front porch! This is one of the planter ideas that work best in a small space.

A cute and chic way to express your love for gardening is to hang watering cans by your front door. The cans can be repurposed retired ones, just plop your plant pots into them and it is good to go!

11. Use Neutral Colors

planter on patio
Our Toulan Planter in gray goes with any exterior decor. / ©Lasting Greenery

Neutral colorings never go out of style. If you are looking for a classic design for your residence or business that will last through the years, go for front porch planters that are white, black, grey, beige, or earth tones.

12. Go Vertical

©Geomantic Designs | Landscape Architecture / Jay Scotts

A tiny front porch does not need to be devoid of flower pots. Instead of using large pots that take up plenty of precious square footage, think vertical!

You can use reclaimed wood planks to build shelves alongside your front door. Place your planters with lovely small plants and flowers up there. This tiered system brings visual delight and foliage that will brighten up any front porch.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a professional arrangement, our tall rectangular planters are perfect for vertical decor and take up very little floor space. Planters such as our Perth Planter, pictured above, are the best solution for adding vertical beauty to landscapes and interiors.

13. Look Unique with Small Footed Planters

©Shannon West / EyeEm / Getty Images

If eclectic style speaks to you, we have just the answer. Front porch planters need not be boring regular shapes.

Small footed planters are a unique and rare choice, these pots will be sure to add a charming and curious feel to your garden.

14. Reinvent the Barrel

©Dean Clarke / A Gardener Wearing Gardening Gloves Planting Winter Pansies In A Wooden Barrel Planter

If you have the space for large plants, trees, or shrubs, using a barrel to house the flower pots is a great look. Barrel planters lend a vintage and country touch to any space.

15. Use a Lantern Planter

Here comes the sun, blue skies, and bright cheerful flowers! As summer is upon us, what better way is there to enjoy the spectacular season than with plants and colorful flowers right at your doorstep.
©Blue Corner Studio / etro style street lantern light

We end off with one of the easiest front porch planter things to do out there! This planter idea is both straightforward to implement and beautiful to look at.

Fill up a small lantern holder with succulents, tiny flowers, or other suitable small plants. Leave this lovely creation on a bench, a tall stool, or even hanging from the roof. It will enhance your front porch and it is such a vibe.

3 Great Types of Plants for your Front Porch Planters

1. Evergreen Plants

Chinese evergreen
©The Spruce / Leticia Almeida

Plants that look good and stay alive for the whole year are great additions to your front porch planters. In general, evergreens also require less attention and care, making them an easy plant to keep.

Enjoy your year-round growth with these options – choose the Hinoki Cypress for a compact front door tree, opt for the Trailing Ivy for a lovely creeper, or a Yucca for a fuss-free shrub. Perennial evergreens are also great and work really well in Fall planter arrangements.

2. Long Blooming Annuals

©nieriss / Petunia flowers

We love annuals for the color and life it brings to the front porch planter gardens. While annuals tend to feature best for only a season, the cheer and joy they bring is hard to beat.

Go for long-blooming annuals to get the best of the short-lived flowers. Begonia, Petunia, Marigolds, and Dahlias are always firm favorites that will give a good show on your front porch planters all summer long!

3. Small, Cute Plants

Aloe vera in small pots

Whether your residential or commercial property has an expansive or cosy front porch, small plants have a place in the garden. They do well hanging from the front door or in planters decorating the porch alongside larger flower pots, and are perfect for windowsill plants.

Select from easy to care for succulents like Aloe Vera, Crown of Thorns, or Lithops. Small flowers would also be a good shout, such as Baby’s Breath, Lily of the Valley or Heather.

Alternatively, consider using lucky plants to adorn your doorways!

Fiberglass Planters are the Way to Go

©Gregorys / Greenhouses

Now that we have covered great porch planter ideas and lovely plants to spruce up the front door, we will take a look at what type of planter materials would be suitable.

When it comes to deciding what is ideal for your front porch planter material, it is necessary to consider its weight, design, and longevity.

Terracotta has an earthy-red look and ceramic pots are often finished in a beautiful glaze. These are a good design fit for a cottage chic or farmhouse look. However, clay pots cannot stay outside on your porch all year round, as they are not frost-resistant and will crack.

Concrete planters and metal planters are sleek and simplistic. A modern sophisticated front porch would benefit from their additions. However, consider that concrete planters are heavy to move, especially if you would like to redesign your front porch planter garden from time to time. Whereas metal planters exposed to the elements are likely to rust over time.

We are of the firm belief that fiberglass planters are the way to go for your front porch. Planters Etc stocks only planters made from the highest quality commercial grade fiberglass.

The lightweight nature of the materials makes it particularly suitable for patios, roofs, and of course porches. Moreover, this durable material is also really easy to care for. With next to no maintenance, we assure you they’ll look amazing for a long time to come. The best part about our Jay Scotts collection is that these handsome pots come in a large variety of colors, shapes, and even finishes.

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5 Planters Etc Fiberglass Pots Ideal for Front Porches

1. Alicante Fluted Round Planter

©The Gates / Jay Scotts

This is a tall tapered planter that is both modern and outstanding. We love that it is an updated version of a traditional tall planter, giving it a great style boost.

This planter is perfect to frame the front door of your home or business property. Plant an evergreen tree for a year-roundlook.

2. Nile Wall Planter

MBW Nile planter

The Nile Wall Planter is the newest addition to our collection. It features reinforced plates on the rear for easy wall mounting.

Only 5″ in width, these are suitable for vertical planting – a fantastic way to add a foliage boost to a smaller front porch or by the front door.

3. Tonto Small Cube Planter

Tonto planter

This tiny and cute cubical planter is simply ideal for small succulents or adorable flowering plants.

It is versatile and has a space in every front porch garden. This will look sweet hanging from a basket, atop a wooden chair, or alongside taller planters to create a tiered look.

4. Casablanca Bowl Planter

Casablanca bowl planter

This is a lovely tapered bowl-shaped planter that comes in 4 sizes. There is something zen and appealing about its round shape, inviting calm and peace to your front porch.

Coming in 18 colours, you can choose a matte gunmetal finish for a ultra-modern look or get a white bowl for that classic touch.

5. Salon Narrow Low Rectangular Planter

Salon Angle planter

The Salon Rectangular Planter is the basic building block pot of a front porch garden. There are so many things you can do with it.

You might want to use them to line your porch steps, creating a nice long row for flowers to thrive. Or this planter could go by the front door and house a variety of different plants for a mini garden look.

Let Your Porch Planter Ideas Come Alive

Fiberglass planters

Front porches should not be an afterthought when it comes to landscaping and designing your residential or commercial property. It is after all the first thing guests see when they arrive.

With our 15 porch planter ideas at hand, you are surely able to create a warm and welcoming first impression.

Create your planter garden with ease with Planters Etc. Shop our collection of commercial-grade fiberglass planters, they come in a large variety of shapes from globes to rectangles, with sizes suitable for tabletops or large statement pieces, and in many colors and finishes to complement your design preference. We promise only high-quality pieces, and thus each of our fiberglass planters comes with a three-year warranty.

Shop with us today and we can help your porch planters’ dreams come true.

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