The Best Flower Pot Arrangements – A Guide to Striking Designs with Plants and Planters

The Sun is out and the birds are singing. The front porch has the early morning light. Things are looking up. Looking out the window gives the first light for the gardens that are springing up all around your home. All kinds of gardens are being set up, such as backyards, balcony planters. Even the front door is looking good in some places!

These gardens have some wonderful flower arrangements and the sweet smell of seasonal bloom. Somehow, you seem to be living in an area full of professional florists! Houses around have the most incredible floral beauty. Even more incredibly, their style of planters and foliage has made your place look like a desolate barren land.

No worries any longer. We’ll show a few tips on how to arrange your flower pot, container and planters. We’ll also show you how to maximise colour and texture with planter arrangements. We’ll show you how to display flowers in the Sun and shade. We’ll look at styles and effective display techniques around the house. Basically, it’s a mix of advice here. Firstly, we show you how to arrange foliage in pots. After that, we’ll look at planter arrangements within any space. Your garden will start looking lovely in no time at all!

Arranging foliage – a step by step guide

Ever looked at the sweet floral displays around a neighbour’s house with envy? Ever grimaced at the thought you’ll never be able to master such art with windows and patios? I think all of us gardeners have at some point.

The key to the flowers and any foliage looking pretty comes down to a few things. This gardening savviness can be one to create the look and style you desire in your garden. Professional looking floral arrangement can be arranged into a few simple steps.:

Floral arrangement – the basics before you begin to grow

  1. Choose plants to suit the environment – Some places have four seasons and a temperate climate. Others have two distinct dry and wet seasons with the weather in the high 20s/ low 30s. Some places are scorching hot and others are cold. The same applies to your chosen temperature in the house for your indoor floral arrangement. You must choose foliage to suit the climate. Plants in their natural climate exude and create colorful surroundings suited to that particular atmosphere. The flower box will thrive with life in certain climates, such as tropical plants. Others, like geraniums, will survive all types of weather and can look presentable.
  2. Consider your structure and size – Plants don’t always adapt to certain pots, soil or atmosphere. Read up on the plants you want to pot. Some plants need big deep pots for soil fill. Others need smaller planters. Some need a structure to grow whereas certain foliage survives anywhere. The pot size and planter material are important. Do you want plastic or terracotta? Are they wall planters, ground pots or hanging baskets? How much soil is needed? Are your plants or flowers suited to this or will there be trailing growth? These are factors to consider.
  3. Think about the growing conditions – This is similar to the weather and climate factors mentioned before. Any plant you grow needs the appropriate conditions for growth. Think about the sun in your yard. Do they need to be watered regularly or occasionally? Are the nutrients enough to stop trailing growth? The soil type is important. Tropical plants are different to others. Everyone likes to have diversity in their floral arrangements. It’s hand-picked to suit their colorful range. Think about the Summer and shade exposure.
best flower pot arrangements
Preparing a flower box with different flowers @ SKatzenberger / Getty Images

The container garden and flower pots

After the environment, growing conditions and structures have been organised, we now come to the aesthetics of the plant arrangements. This helps to create a beautiful look within the planters. These three tips can be of great assistance when choosing your display.

  1. Floral alignment is key – Choose a planted combination that works well together. Daisies don’t really fit with the mother-in-tongue. Can the combination grow together or is one trailing? Do they need similar amounts of water and sunlight? Will they share the nutrients? This is a very important factor to consider. A dying flower doesn’t look good. It makes the most beautiful vibrant flower look a lot worse if they are together. Will the planted flowers look good together? Think about the texture contrasts and various floral alignments. Some flowers work well as a mix, offering a variety of texture like multi-colour tulips. Others may be suited to being alone, such as white daffodils.
  2. Grow forth and go bold – We like all flowers. We see beauty in every one of them. Some are more striking than others though. Our ideas say go bold. the baskets and wooden containers around any home are generally bland in colour. Bright flowers, such as orange, pink, red and so on, decorate a house and help to exuberate its character. Most houses are complemented by bold and bright floral baskets and planters. They make a white or plain building more colorful. Turn your yard into an annual Spring or Summer!
  3. Using fillers, thrillers or spillers – There are three ways you can arrange foliage around most buildings. The most common way is to use fillers. These are displays in containers. They fit on shelf, tables and window ledges. They can be indoors or outdoors. They can fit in any office space or living area. Plant hanging baskets provides another visual easy on the eye. Called thrillers, these are displayed from a ceiling or anywhere above. This adds to a comfortable front porch setting. Some landscapers create spillers. Grass or vine type plants are grown in pots or planters and overview from above. the cascade effect convert parts of a building into its own garden. Some use one way, others use an array of these.
best flower pot arrangements
A flower box on a old brick building @ DebraLee Wiseberg / Getty Images Signature

The basics are to make sure the environment, growing conditions and structures are in place for the plants. Then you decide which way to sort and group your flowers for display. All done, right?

Now we have ideas on how to arrange plants within pots. How do we maximise our display using the space around us?

The ways to show your plants

We want to make an impact with our flowers. We want to create an atmosphere of tranquillity yet show vibrancy. The visual and texture impact of using space is significant. It can have seriously positive effects on one’s aura and energy field.

Outdoor planter orchestration

There are two main areas we think about when to create an outside display. These are in the garden or the porch. Any porch or door display tips can be applied somewhat to balconies, though be careful with the hanging baskets if living on a high floor.

Flower displays – Front Porch

Here are a few ideas that can assist your front porch display:

Hanging basket – This is one that allows any spillers to overflow from the ceiling. It really brightens up the front door area. Look to supplant with a nice mix of green and bright colours. Cascading plants will overflow in the basket. The right combination will elevate guests visiting the home.

best flower pot arrangements
Hanging flower basket @ 4nadia / Getty Images

Porch entrance planters – This is a place to show off your rustic planters. Depending on the size of your front porch, you can place all kind of colorful potted plants and sweet planters around your window and door. Some go for old wooden box types, others like milk containers. A mix can be nice. The plant will always be outdoors. Consider lantanas or marigolds. They like spending time outdoors.

best flower pot arrangements
Cottage garden with wooden bench and flowers in containers @ vau902 / Getty Images

Wall hangers – You can get them on the porch wall outside in that diamond-shaped pattern. You can have displays on the archway above the door. They merge elegantly with any hanging basket from above. They are delicately poised to be part of the background for the entrance planters. Often best displayed with green shrubbery or lighter colours.

Wall hangers with flowers
Hanging Flower Basket of Red Geraniums attached to a Stone Wall @ Akabei / Getty Images

Flower Displays – The back garden and front yard

You can the most out of the outdoor patio space by applying these arrangements:

Garden walkway – Good imagination can give room to those gardeners who wish to create landscapes with their floral planter. The common walkway offers a pathway from the door to the far end. The type of planter used can differ in size and shape, offering an opportunity for different creations. Rockeries and patios are popular. They can cement and fill each variety of planter. The pots can be arranged to work on different levels. Use a mixture of bold coloured flowers and greenery. Even the average gardener can make displays look lovely!

best flower pot arrangements walkway
Brick walkway with beautiful flowers on side in flower garden @ ntdanai / Getty Images

Walkway Urns – These are usually big pots that fill and hold fast-growing varieties of tall plant and grass shrubs. They can run alongside the garden pathway or be placed in the middle. Some like to put a couple of these pots on the front porch. There are some intriguing designs. Some like traditional stone-carved or terracotta kinds. The East-Asian Dynastic ornamental pot and Olympia Urns are suited to those with a more adventurous taste.

best flower pot arrangements with walkway urns
A concrete urn with flowers in it @ weaver1234 / Getty Images

Fence Garden – A combo of white, orange and other colorful flowers turn any fence into Summer. The filler and horizontal pot are generally used to brighten the look. They can create a colorful image. Bold colours and a mix of plant sizes offer a zestful and ebullient feel to any fence in the garden.

fence best flower pot arrangements
Fence with beautiful flowers @ tc397 / Getty Images Signature

Indoor house planter – The container garden

There are a few ways to brighten up your home or office space. You can do this using either fixed or mobile planter installations.

The fixed planter

The themed indoor garden – This displays the flower pot for different arrangements based on a theme. Some like the jungle, others like the Japanese indoor garden. They can be moved under the shade or Spring and Summer sun. You can choose any of these, but make sure all plants can survive indoors. No container wants to be seen with dead plants!

The shelf – This is a common way to place most resident’s indoor planter styles. A decorative container is used to present them in all their glory. Consider ones that grow vertically. It leaves less mess to clean up on the house floor.

The corner planter – This is another common way to keep indoor plants. Most use a big white pot, or urn, and keep it in the corner of a room, close to the window. Aloe vera is a well-known plant for this. A good display offers vivacity to a room. Make sure you give the plant an appropriate amount of sunlight or shade.

best flower pot arrangements on shelf
Planters on a shelf @ DAPA Images / Canva Pro

The mobile planter

The mobile container and planters are rising in popularity. It is a new type of gardening. They can be given enough shade and sunlight as the flowers can be moved around from one window to the next. Planting these can be a bit tricky though. Worth researching it before trying this out.

Rolling bin planter – This is the planter on wheels. Most use metal versions here, though wooden boxes can hold the plants. You simply buy the container, then add the pot and flowers to suit your liking.

Decorative box – Mostly comprised of a wooden, ceramic or metal box, these can be moved to any place inside a building. It is straightforward. Buy a box, add soil, water and nutrients and plant the seeds. Add a few pebbles or rocks, and you have your own colorful indoor patio!

Living table – this is quite the concept. The table can be used for everyday purposes. The metal legs provide strength and stability and are hollowed out. Cascading grass or flexible shrubbery can be applied to the table legs. It looks remarkable if done well. It needs research though. It is quite an advanced gardening technique. This lights up any home office and adds a euphoric feel to any living room or study quarters.

best flower pot arrangements moible planters
Pastel planters that can easily move around @ Muzo Works

Potted plants and extras – what are the options?

We’ve looked at how to arrange plants in their pot and how to use certain planters to offer exhilarating displays throughout the home or office. Here is a list of planter types that might suit the style of your premises:

Wooden crate -a very popular style at the moment. This gives a rustic feel to any garden. Be sure to replace them every year as they will rot in wet weather.

Metal milk and beer containers – This is the retro pot. They can hold soil, water and plants well. They look very cool if arranged within a retro setting. Be careful in the Sun. Metal absorbs heat and scorches anything it touches, including your beautiful flowers.

Terracotta planters – This is the classic ornamental planting pot and comes in a range of shapes and sizes. Terracotta maintains water and gives the plants room to breathe during the warm season. It also looks very sophisticated. They aren’t light on the wallet. Terracotta is wonderful but costly.

Fibreglass planters – The 21st century has come and fibreglass looks destined to take over the market. They offer excellent space for a plant to grow and can be shaped and modified to suit any of the styles listed above. They aren’t the original, which disappoints some. They are very long-lasting. A bit expensive though. This is an investment for the committed gardener.

Plastic or nets – The basic storage needed when planting. It is a good starting point. Any wise person would upgrade to a new pot asap.

best flower pot arrangements
Plant pots with vegetables and herbs and watering can @ coramueller / Getty Images

The extras for the garden

People add ornamental items to give character to their garden or patio all the time. Garden Gnomes are quirky and popular and they help to scare off the plants eating birds!

Stone carved figures, such as animals, a delightful decoration to any garden. Some use white solar candles to light up their displays during the evening. Others like to add tropical items for exoticness! Probably not advisable to gets ideas to go overboard with extras.

A few will complete any garden though. The Keukenhof Gardens have some amazing tulip arrangements and the windmills just complete this mesmerising picture.

best flower pot arrangements Keukenhof Gardens
Keukenhof Gardens with colorful flowers @ phbcz / Getty Images

Make the most of your garden

The article has been written for you to consider how to arrange your plants within flower pots. After that, you need to think about how to arrange the pots. You also need to decide which planters suit you. The tips are here. Use this as a guide. Now create your own garden. Make it special and unique to you. It’s a struggle at first. If done well, the end results are spectacular!

We hope this guide has given you enough guidance to go ahead and begin your flower pot arrangement. Of course, you can go one step further and make it seasonal with our fall planter tips.

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