Top 5 Affordable Plants Perfect for Pots

As you may have noticed, Jay Scotts designs, develops and sells some of the finest quality planting pots and planters around. While landscapers and landscape architects commonly incorporate the commercial grade plant containers in their designs, everyday homeowners can use our planting essentials as well. We carry a range of sizes, colors and shapes, allowing you to choose the ones that coordinate best with your garden, patio, deck or porch. To provide you with some container gardening inspiration, check out these 5 affordable plants that are perfect for pots!



Boxwoods are some of the most popular plants for pot planting because they can be shaped, thus serving as living sculptures! These boxy plants also look good all year round, are drought tolerable and require very little maintenance. They look exceptionally sophisticated when shaped into a topiary, planted in one of our square pots and placed on your front stoop to greet guests. 

Rock Rose


Growing only to a mature height of 16”, these full sun-loving rose bushes make a lovely pick for planting in your pots. The roses are also quite beautiful when in full bloom and they like to be watered. Since they are considered ornamental plants, you will need to care for them as so. However, they are strong enough to withstand snowy winters so you don’t have to worry about leaving them outdoors.

Bay Laurel

Bay Laurel

Bay laurel trees can grow to heights up to 10 feet, but with regular pruning, they can be kept in a small tree pot. They like lots of sun and moist, acidic soil. Not to mention, you can also use the mature leaves to spice dishes such as soups, baked casseroles and stews.



These plants are not only gorgeous, they are also perfect for planting in a pot or container. The green color of the leaves is breathtaking, while the white trim that border them provides a decorative appeal. They are commonly believed to be plants which love shade, but this isn’t necessarily true. The color of your hostas will affect how much sun it needs to stay bright and healthy.



This leafy plant is available in a wide variety of bold colors, which is why it makes a fantastic choice for container gardeners who are looking to decorate an outdoor space. The leaves also keep their vibrant color all winter long, so you won’t have to worry about bring the pots indoors or taking any other precautionary measures.

Container gardening can be rather fun if you have the right tools. Feel free to browse our collection of fiberglass garden containers and plant pots to find the ones that blend best with your décor or design. We offer a wide selection of rectangular plant containers, round pots, tree pots, square planters and ones that feature unusual shapes. They come in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing you to get as creative as you would like. Our fiberglass plant containers are also lightweight, making them easy to move around the garden, backyard, porch, patio or deck when needed.

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