12 Great Plants for Small Pots: Your Windowsill Jungle Starter Pack

If you live in a place where space is a precious commodity but you dream about adding in a bit of greenery all the same, then let us assure you that not all hope is lost. There are plenty of wonderful plants for small pots at your disposal, and you won’t need to give up much space for them at all.

Adding a few plants to your décor is certainly space well spent – and that’s precisely because, not despite the fact that your place feels cramped. Less space means less air, so give it over to a couple of cheerful plants to purify the air you breathe, lift your spirits and boost your productivity.

Understand, however, that potted plants can only thrive if they are kept in containers which are big enough for them; the smaller the pot, the greater the risk for your plant. To ensure optimal conditions for your green friends, plant them in well-drained soil and follow their recommended care routine.

So with that in mind, here are our twelve favorite plants for small pots. Take good care of them and they will transform your windowsill into your very own, miniature jungle!

1. Boxwood

Boxwoods are some of the most popular plants for pot planting because they can be shaped, thus serving as living sculptures! These boxy plants also look good all year round, are drought tolerable and require very little maintenance. They look exceptionally sophisticated when shaped into a topiary and planted in a matching container.

plants for small pots

2. Rock Rose

Growing only to a mature height of 16”, these full sun-loving rose bushes make a lovely pick for planting in your pots. The roses are also quite beautiful when in full bloom and they like to be watered. Since they are considered ornamental plants, you will need to care for them as such. However, they are strong enough to withstand snowy winters so you will also be able to leave them outdoors.

plants for small pots

3. Bay Laurel

Bay laurel trees can grow to heights up to 10 feet, but with regular pruning, they can be kept in a small tree pot. They like lots of sun and moist, acidic soil. You can use the mature leaves to spice dishes such as soups, baked casseroles and stews, so there are plenty of reasons to consider adding a bay laurel tree to your indoor garden.

plants for small pots

4. Hosta

These plants are not only gorgeous, they are also perfect for planting in a pot or container. The green color of the leaves is breathtaking, while the white trim that borders them provides a decorative appeal. They are commonly believed to be plants which love shade, but this isn’t necessarily true. The color of your hosta will affect how much sun it needs to stay bright and healthy.

plants for small pots

5. Heuchera

This leafy plant is available in a wide variety of bold colors, which is why it makes a fantastic choice for container gardeners who are looking to decorate an outdoor or indoor space. The leaves also keep their vibrant color all winter long, so you won’t have to worry about taking too many precautionary measures with your heuchera.

plants for small pots

6. African Violet

A pretty little plant producing vivid clusters of purple, blue or white flowers sitting on fuzzy leaves, the African violet is all the rage again these days! It now comes in a range of new, fun varieties with variegated foliage and ruffled blooms, and it does very well in tiny pots as long as you put it in bright light and keep the soil moist.

plants for small pots

7. Bird of Paradise

Named for the gorgeous orange flowers it produces under the right conditions, the bird of paradise likes growing in bright light, but it will tolerate low light too. Water it often (but do not over-water it), fertilize every now and then and you will be able to enjoy the otherworldly beauty of this plant in your very own indoor garden!

plants for small pots

8. Sweetheart Plant

Also dubbed the Valentine plant for rather obvious reasons, the heart-shaped sweetheart hoya plant is a perfect choice for any windowsill. This succulent is super easy to care for and it needs very little water, so only water it once every month. Provide it with some bright, direct sunlight and it will adorn your interior for years to come.

plants for small pots

9. String of Pearls

A creeping succulent vine with leaves looking much like green peas, the string of pearls plant looks great in hanging pots, the plant’s trails cascading over the sides of the container. It originates from South Africa and grows spherical leaves to naturally retain as much water as possible, so your main job here will be to make sure you don’t overwater the plant.

plants for small pots

10. Snapdragon

Flashing a wide gamut of intense colors, the snapdragon plant does resemble a dragon when you squeeze its tall flowers on both sides – opening its mouth and then snapping it shut. While it doesn’t really look the part, the snapdragon is a hardy, low-maintenance plant, but do your best to provide it with plenty of sunlight (six to eight hours of it every day).

plants for small pots

11. Coffee Plant

Can’t really live without coffee anymore? Why don’t you grow some coffee beans on your own windowsill then! You won’t really have enough to roast and brew the drink on a daily basis, but the coffee plant is still an intriguing choice for a houseplant. It’s easy to grow too, just feed it with healthy doses of bright, indirect sunlight, and keep the soil moist most of the time.

plants for small pots

12. Donkey’s Tail

A succulent plant with rows of fleshy leaves, the donkey’s tail is a great choice if your room has a spare bright spot for a small creeping plant. The plant’s teardrop-shaped leaves can retain water, meaning that you will be forgiven if you forget to water your donkey’s tail every now and then. The stems are surprisingly fragile though, so make sure you handle them with some extra care.

plants for small pots

Now that we’ve given you twelve ideas for great plants for small pots, you’ll also need a few actual containers to put these plants in! Feel free to browse our collection of fiberglass planters to find the ones that blend best with your décor or design. We offer a wide selection of rectangular plant containers, round pots, tree pots, square planters and ones that feature unusual shapes. They come in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing you to get as creative as you would like. Our fiberglass plant containers are also lightweight, making them easy to move around the garden, backyard, porch, patio or deck when needed.

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