15 Great Small Windowsill Plants

If you live in a place where space is a precious commodity but you dream about adding in a bit of greenery all the same, then let us assure you that not all hope is lost. There are plenty of wonderful plants for small planters at your disposal, and you won’t need to give up much space to do your gardening.

Adding a few plants to your décor is certainly space well spent. Why not have some cheerful plants by your window to purify the air you breathe, lift your spirits and boost your productivity?

Understand, however, that potted plants can only thrive if they are kept in containers that are big enough for them; the smaller the pot, the greater the risk for your plant. To ensure optimal conditions for your foliage, plant them in soil with good drainage to get rid of excess water, provide the proper light requirements and follow their recommended gardening care routine.

How do I grow house plants on a windowsill?

First, measure your window and windowsill space and choose the pot. In general, go for the sunny windowsills but check your plants from time to time for leaf scorch or any signs of stress. Follow watering guides to avoid killing your plant.

Here are our fifteen favorite plants that you can place in a small pot. Take good care of them and they will transform your windowsill into your very own, miniature jungle!

Low maintenance plants perfect for windowsills

1. Areca Palm

Mostly found in places with warm climates with humidity and often used as privacy screens if grown outdoors. Surprisingly, they are also low maintenance house plants that only require full sun. It is a beautiful addition to your windowsill gardening project.

Top tip: White planters look great in full sunlight and will bring out the lush green areca palm leaves.

 areca palm
Areca palm @ yands / Getty Images

2. Rock Rose

Growing only to a mature height of 16”, these full sun-loving rose bushes make a lovely pick for planting. Plant them in a location with full sun and deep soil where they can put down spreading roots, and give them a good amount of water. They are also strong enough to withstand snowy winters.

Top tip: The rock rose bloom looks pretty and delicate in smaller containers.

Rock rose
Rock rose @ Internet

3. Boxwood

Boxwoods are some of the most popular plants for pot planting because they can be shaped, thus serving as living sculptures! These boxy plants also thrive all year round, they are drought tolerant and only require very little maintenance. They prefer dappled bright indirect light shining through overhanging foliage or direct sunlight during the morning or afternoon. They look exceptionally sophisticated for your garden when shaped into a topiary and planted in a matching container.

Top tip: Placing the boxwood in tall square containers can make the plant look double in size.

Boxwood bush in black bucket near white fence
Boxwood bush in black bucket near white fence @ Nemer-T / Getty Images

4. Jade Plant

A jade amongst house plants, this is a succulent plant with small pink or white star-like flowers. They are common house plants worldwide. They need to be in a sunny window sill or a bright spot in your house. Place them in west-facing or south-facing windows.Jade plantshave thick stems and smooth leaves, they do not require a high level of care and only need a little bit of watering, but do keep the soil dry during winter.

Top tip: The jade plant in square pots work well for small spaces and look cute on a windowsill garden.

Jade Plant in white pot
Jade plant in white pot @ OlgaMiltsova / Getty Images

Create a windowsill garden with colourful plants

5. Heuchera

This leafy plant is available in a wide variety of bold colors, making it a fantastic choice for container gardeners who are looking to decorate an outdoor or indoor space. The leaves also keep their vibrant colour all winter long. They will grow in any amount of light you give them, including full sun as long as you water them.

Top tip: Place the heuchera in a cylinder-shaped planter to achieve a bouquet look.

Heuchera @ gyro / Getty Images

6. Snapdragon

Flashing a wide gamut of intense colours, the snapdragon plant does resemble a dragon when you squeeze its tall flowers on both sides – opening its mouth and then snapping it shut. While it doesn’t really look the part, the snapdragon is a hardy, low-maintenance plant, but do your best to provide it with full sun (six to eight hours of sunlight every day).

Top tip: Go for a neutral colour pot for this sun loving plant to bring out its intense bloom.

Snapdragon @ Internet

7. Bird of Paradise

Named for the gorgeous orange flowers it produces, the bird of paradise likes growing in lots of bright indirect light, but it will tolerate low light too. Water it often, fertilize every now and then and you will be able to enjoy the otherworldly beauty of this plant in your very own indoor garden!

Top tip: Use a dark pot to contrast the vibrant red of the bird of paradise flowers.

Bird of Paradise
Bird of paradise @ Internet

8. Hosta

These plants are not only gorgeous, and are also perfect for container gardening. The green color of the leaves is breathtaking, while the white trim that borders them provides a decorative appeal. They are commonly believed to be plants that love the dappled shade, but this isn’t necessarily true. The color of your hosta will be affected by the sun, the more sunlight it gets the more light it becomes, and the brighter and healthier it will be.

Top tip: Hostas grow horizontally, a rectangular pot works great for its roots.

Hosta plants @ Internet

The best plants for sunny windowsills that have plenty of bright light

9. Sweetheart Plant

This heart-shaped sweetheart hoya house plants are the perfect addition to your windowsill garden. Succulents love humid conditions and are super easy to care for, just water it once a month. Provide it with some bright, direct sun in a kitchen window and this will adorn your interior for years to come.

Top tip: Bring your sweetheart plant indoors when you need a small tabletop planter.

Sweetheart Plant
Sweetheart plant @ evergreentree / Getty Images

10. Donkey’s Tail

A great choice if your room has a spare bright windowsill. The plant’s teardrop-shaped leaves can retain water, meaning that you will be forgiven if you forget to water your donkey’s tail every now and then. The stems are surprisingly fragile though, so make sure you handle them with some extra care.

Top tip: Hang it from your windowsill in a lightweight fiberglass planter.

Donkey Tail Plant in a sunny window
Donkey’s tail plant in a sunny window @ Courtney Vitale / Getty Images

11. Bay Laurel

Bay laurel trees can grow to heights up to 10 feet, but with regular pruning, they can be kept in a small tree pot. They like lots of direct light from the sun, moisture and acidic soil. You can use the mature leaves with several herbs to spice dishes such as soups, baked casseroles and stews, so there are plenty of reasons to consider adding a bay laurel tree to your indoor garden.

Top tip: A round-shaped bay laurel plant goes well with a deep round planter for a more uniform look.

Bay Laurel
Bay laurel plant @ Internet

12. String of Pearls

Creeping succulents with little fleshy leaves leaves, they look great in a hanging basket, trails cascading over the sides of the container. Originating from South Africa, its spherical leaves naturally retain as much water as possible, just a little water here and there is enough. Consider putting it in your sunny windowsill garden and it will not disappoint.

Top tip: Choose a shallow round pot to let the vines flow over your window.

String of Pearls
String of pearls @ Internet

Plants for pretty windowsills that need bright indirect light

13. African Violet

Pretty little plants producing vivid clusters of purple, blue or white flowers sitting on fuzzy leaves, the African violets are all the rage again these days! A window faces bright indirect light is perfect, direct sun can burn its leaves. Keep the soil evenly moist.

Top tip: Looks great when pairs with other short house plants.

African Violet top view
African violet top view @ Internet

14. Ponytail Palm

Surprisingly not real palms, but succulents that are members of the agave family found in Mexico. The ponytail palm likes bright light in a south-facing window but indirect light.

Top tip: The soft edges of a bowl planter can contrast the sharp pointy leaves of the ponytail palm.

Ponytail Palm
Ponytail palm @ kandypix / Getty Images

15. Coffee Plant

Can’t live without coffee anymore? Grow some on your windowsill then! It won’t yield enough to roast and brew, but the coffee plant is still an intriguing choice. They are easy to grow too, just feed them with healthy doses of bright indirect sunlight, and add moisture to the soil regularly.

Top tip: Choose a reddish pot to complement the colour of the coffee cherries.

coffee plant
Coffee plant @ Internet

Be a master gardener with our 15 great plant ideas. You’ll also need a few containers to put these plants in for them to thrive! Feel free to browse our collection of fiberglass planters to find the ones that blend best with your décor or design. We offer a wide selection of rectangular plant containers, round pots, tree pots, square planters and ones that feature unusual shapes. They come in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing you to get as creative as you would like. Our fiberglass plant containers are also lightweight, making them easy to move around whether your plants are grown indoors or out!

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