4 Great Cachepot Planter Benefits | Plus 3 Tips For Using Them

A tool used by landscapers and savvy homeowners in-the-know, using a cache pot can save you tons of time and add serious aesthetic value to your space. In this article, we’ll look at cachepots for houseplants and the tricks to pull off one of the best decor trends since container gardening itself. But first…

What Is A Cache Pot?

Let’s start with the basics, what are cache pots and what are they used for?

A cache pot is essentially just a decorative pot, that you don’t plant directly into, but place another pot inside, like plastic.

A cache pot does not have drainage holes, as this could affect the aesthetics of the pot. It is therefore essential for the inside pot to have a drainage hole.

The purpose of a cache pot is to look beautiful and elegant in your home, building, or outside area. So they often come in stunning colors, patterns, or shapes.

For this reason, they are often placed in eye-catching spots, like on top of a table or above a sink.

Cache pot planter

4 Reasons To Use A Cachepot Planter

cachepot planter
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The first and most obvious reason is their decorative qualities, however, there are some functional reasons too.

1. Avoid Repotting Delicate Plants

When you bring your new plant home from the nursery it is almost always contained in an ugly plastic pot. Now most gardeners will know that sometimes when you remove a plant from its pot, it could damage the plant’s health. This is because sometimes, disturbing a plant can cause it stress, which leads to people wanting to leave the plant in its current container for the time being.

A great way to avoid repotting plants, while still placing them in an aesthetically pleasing container is to use a cache pot. This gives all the benefits of a nice pot, while not disturbing and potentially harming your plant.

If you find that you do need to repot your plant, read our Planting Guide for helpful advice and tips.

2. Prevent Extra Unnecessary Work

With a big property or even a chaotic life, saving time will always be a factor in many people’s lives, and gardening is no exception.

Some people may want to avoid the unnecessary time and energy used to repot houseplants and a simple way to do this is to use a cache pot. This cuts out an otherwise timely process while still arriving at the destination you want to get to – having your plant in a nice pot.

3. Easier To Move And Repot

cachepot planter

Cachepot planter is not just good for the short term, it also has future benefits. For example, it can be reused many times. If the current plant gets too big or for some reason dies. The cache pot can be used for another plant with no hassle.

It is also unlikely to have suffered any damage as the opportunities for damage are limited if you simply place a pot inside it.

Using cachepots also allows for moving plants at ease. Firstly, if you move the pots containing the plants separately to the cache pots, it is immediately less heavy than moving everything together.

Also, as the items are already separate, it means that you can interchange the plants and pots very easily. Perhaps one day you would prefer a particular plant to be in a different pot or location, no problem, just remove it from its current container and set it down somewhere else.

4. Looks Neat And Tidy

As cachepots usually come without drainage holes, it eliminates the need to place a saucer under the pot. You, therefore, save yourself from this unsightly addition to your home, as a saucer can ruin the sleek aesthetics of some pots.

The cachepots are also protected from any damage that may be caused by plant growth or excess water, as they are not in direct contact with the plants themselves. It also provides some space for loose soil to fall and not land on your ground or carpet causing ugly stains.

3 Cachepot Planter Tips

Even though using cache pots is such a simple endeavor, it’s always a good idea to get some advice before buying.

1. Choose The Color For Your Space

rectangle planter ideas
©Plant Parents / Planters Etc

The good thing about a cache pot is that it can be used over and over again, therefore it would make sense to choose a pot that is fairly neutral in color and can be repositioned in many different spaces. Some great colors for this would be white or matte grey. There is a whole plethera of guidance on planter color theory to help you find the right aesthetic for your existing decor.

Alternatively, if you look through the photos in our inspiration gallery you can see many examples of planter colors in various locations, showing just how versatile they can be.

With a decorative pot, you may opt for bold bright colors that add vibrancy to a property. You can see this look in the design at one of our projects – The Gates, South Beach. These pots are all painted in a satin seafoam finish – gorgeous!

2. Choose The Right-Sized Cache Pot

potsdam planters
©Pier 66 / Jay Scotts

If you remember the two-inch rule for measuring the gap between the lip of the two pots then you will be set.

This is to ensure that you can continue to monitor the water requirements of your plants. When the inside pot and the cache pot are too tight you won’t be able to look inside to see how much water has accumulated at the bottom.

It’s a good idea to place your inside plastic pot on a plastic saucer. This is to catch the water underneath and also so you can easily see how much water is in the saucer, and therefore if you need to water your plant again.

Learn more about planter sizes and the different types of planters, so you choose the right one!

3. Add A Top Dressing To Hide The Nursery Pot

Top dressing refers to any material used on your plant on top of the soil. Although they may only look decorative, they do have great functions too, such as increased nutrient retention and improved drainage.

Some good top dressings to hide the nursery pots are gravel, moss, mulch, or pebbles. These materials will disguise your use of a cache pot while adding texture to your arrangement.

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