Shanghai fishbowl round fiberglass planter

Inspired by the traditional designs that are commonly seen in Asian countries which are rich in design history, the classic fishbowl shape of this round fiberglass planter is all around universally appealing.

Our fishbowl planters are much more superior than those large round plastic planters which tend to crack and break apart. This is because these wholesale garden pots are made out of an ultra durable fiberglass that is strong, lightweight and frost-resistant. The quality of the fiberglass we use to construct our plant containers also makes these bowl planters ideal round outdoor planters or decorative indoor plant pots. Use a couple of these huge outdoor planters to frame the front door at your office, place a couple on the roof to decorate the break area or display them around the pool to create a luxurious effect.

These high quality fiberstone planters are available in all of the color finishes we currently offer, and you can choose from either our smaller 16 x 16 x 14” plant pot or the 21.5 x 21.5 x 19” commercial planters. Grab a few pot planters in the same size to create uniformity or mix them up to deliver a look that is dimensional.

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