Hudson large rectangular planter box

Meet our longest rectangular fiberglass planter as of yet! Measuring 100” in length, this extra long planter box is quite impressive, which is why it is considered to also be one of the most elegant planters in our entire collection of potting essentials.

Our Hudson wholesale garden planters are crafted out of a top quality fiberglass material, making them exceptionally strong, durable and safe enough for either indoor or outdoor use. The size alone of this trough planter makes it the preferred choice for commercial properties, storefronts, garden landscapes and large foyers. Combine multiple rectangle planters to create a live border around your outdoor terrace, use them to add a bit more privacy to your patio or line them up to separate indoor seating areas. You can also place a box or two along the wall of your garden, position them in the window of your kitchen or arrange them along your front corridor. 

These long planters are available in an assortment of colors and three different finishes. The large black planter boxes are sleek and professional, which makes them perfect for corporate settings, while the colorful large planter pots are fun and more appropriate for spaces that foster creativity.

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