Working With Big Pots and Planters

You want your garden to look its best. Most people would plant new shrubs, trees or blooms in their garden to give it a new look. If you find your current garden dull, you can add big pots and planters to make a bold statement and give your lawn something new! However, there are some things that you should keep in mind when adding garden pots.

Big planters

Large garden pots and planters may not be a very good option for those who have a limited amount of space or want to plant big trees or plants. However, if your garden is big enough to accommodate large pots, you need to pick the right ones for your project. Here are some of the benefits of keeping large pots and containers outside or inside your home. The Jay Scotts Collection is our favorite which explains our choice of product offerings.

Match pot colors with the outdoor color scheme

Keeping small trees or big plants in large pots improves the look and value of the garden. You can match the colors of the garden pots with your outdoor color scheme to achieve your desired ambiance. Planters Et Cetera offers a wide array of color options and even custom colors upon request.


When you plant shrubs or trees in your garden, moving them when and as needed is almost difficult which is why we believe fiberglass planters are the best to use. There is no assurance that the plant will survive if you move it to another area so ensure the sun exposure and shade are suitable. Garden pots are very useful when you are the type to change the look of your lawn every now and then. Large outdoor garden planters allow you to move the plants without uprooting them. As such, there is no threat to the plant’s survival. You can also keep large planters inside your house and you can move them easily when needed.

Organized look

If you want to plant large trees in your garden, it is certainly a good idea to keep large plant pots. The plants planted in large garden pots get a limited amount of space to grow. As such, it is easier to manage the growth of these plants. Using planters also helps you keep an organized look in your garden. Trees planted in the garden can give a messy and unkempt look. Plants grown in gardens also require a lot of attention and a higher level of maintenance compared to plants grown in garden pots. Taking care of plants grown in large pots is not very expensive but please remember to use fertilizer to keep your plants happy and healthy.

Many people love gardening. If you don’t know what you could do to improve your garden, you should consider getting consulting with your local garden center or plant professional whether in be a landscaper or interiorscaper. Garden pots and plant containers are available in a wide range of styles, designs, sizes and colors, so you can always get the one that best suits your needs. You can even find interesting colors like saffron yellow, eggplant, tangerine orange or standard black pots.

Garden pots can also be used indoors. You can throw some seeds  in the pots and place them indoors to grow lovely and sweet smelling blooms. Just see how your plant-packed garden pots and containers will change the exterior and even interior feel of your home. Your home will be the envy of your guests and neighbors.

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