Plants Decoration – Living Room Edition: 5 Tricks & Tips for Enhanced Living

Our living room is the centerpiece of life at home. It’s both the place where we collapse after a long day and where families unite. Feeling comfortable in this room is at times deeply correlated with our happiness, and our performance at work. In these tips and tricks, we will look at a number of ways to turn your already lovely living room into a powerhouse of relaxation, tranquility and visual stimulation. 

Tip #1: Create Curtains

Who needs drab and dated curtains when plants are so thriving with life? Tall plants do an excellent job to both frame the window and also offer a degree of protection from full sun. The Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is a dwarfed version of the outdoor type and thrives on direct sun. Offering a canopy of large pear shaped leaves, this indoor tree is perfect for a very thoughtful and practical window display. 

plants decoration living room

Tip #2: Increase Your Space

When decorating your living room, think about varying the elevation of your plants. This will create depth and unconsciously increase the perceived height of your room. To aim for increased square footage, place plants in the corners of rooms. Empty spaces can be filled with foliage.

plants decoration living room

Tip #3: Let it Flow

Plants don’t always have to deny the rules of gravity, take Marble Pothos plants for example. Popular with interior designers, it can be draped from a mantlepiece or cascaded from book shelves. Each of it’s marbled leaves are artistically unique, making it both an accessory and a prominent piece of art.

plants decoration living room

Tip #4: Color It In

Flowers were likely to be humans’ first tool of decoration all those years ago. And their reputation has neither dwindled nor disappointed in modern times. Though they do need to be replaced on occasion, this is the only upkeep needed to bring unprocessed colors and fragrances direct to your living room. When choosing plants and curating flower arrangements, think about the palette of colors you already have in your living room. Do you want to contrast or compliment? If you are unsure then use a color matching guide such as 

plants decoration living room

Tip #5: Fake It

Faux plants and flowers are a wonderful invention for those who don’t have a green thumb. Requiring zero attention other than a dusting from time to time, these products never get old, never get tired, and never stop fulfilling decorative duties. When you’re ready for a change, simply rotate your stock or make a new arrangement. The possibilities literally never end. 

plants decoration living room

Follow these top tips and you are primed for plants decoration. Living rooms are a place for life. Put some life into yours and enjoy. Remember though, every plant needs a home and with our extensive catalogue of fiberglass planters you can find any style, any shape, and any size to suit your whole house including your living room.

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