How To Use a Planter For Vines And Climbers

Climbing vines can make a bold statement in front of any building or along any pathway. However, when left in an open garden, they often encroach on surrounding plants and can be difficult to contain. Choosing a decorative planter for vines offers a simple solution for keeping your unruly vines and climbers in check while allowing you to shape the look of your garden.

Planter for vines

Choosing a Planter for Vines

If there is one thing we do know about vines it’s that they can grow forever, and they are very good at getting their tendrils into cracks and crevices, eventually damaging structures. This is important to keep in mind if you are considering planters that have naturally porous surfaces which may invite vines to break apart the structure over time. In addition, flimsy plastic pots will not hold up for the duration of a vine’s life, requiring you to replant often. If you want to keep your vines contained in planters, you won’t want to discover that the vines’ roots have broken apart the base of your planter and entered the native soil, allowing them to spread outward unchecked. The best solution is durable, smooth sided planters such as fiberglass that are free from imperfections which might allow vines to grow wild. A fiberglass planter for vines is also a good solution because vines require full sunlight, and the finished planter will not fade or discolor in the heat. Just make sure you give your vines at least 16″ of soil to grow down into, and you should have happy and healthy plants.

Add Supports

Another factor you will want to consider is the type of support you want to add to your planter. For small home displays, a few bamboo shoots are usually sufficient to direct your vines upward. They can easily be tied together near the top to form a neat frame for your climbers. However, if you want a more presentable and professional look, you might want to place an iron trellis or obelisk in the center of a pot which allows your vines to grow upward with an ornamental accent. There are dozens of trellises, mesh frames and other options available to help you direct your vine growth while also protecting the surrounding area from stray vines.

Bring on the Flowers

The most exciting part of all is selecting which vines you would like to display. The most popular vines are perennials because once they’re established they can be easily maintained year after year. However, there are some very enticing annuals that you can add to the mix if you’re up for the extra work. You can choose your vines based on a particular color scheme, or you can pick up an assortment of colors and bloom shapes that will make your garden pop. If you time things just right, you could have different vines in bloom at each part of the season. Morning Glories are a traditional favorite, which come in many different colors, as well as Sweet Peas. Don’t forget to add some good old fashioned green ivy in to serve as a solid backdrop for your flowers. It is a good filler plant that is easy to grow in most environments. Add a touch of Star Jasmine or Passion Flower to the center of your display and you will have a truly eye-catching design.

With those three simple steps, you could have a gorgeous container garden full of blossoming vines and climbers. The better you plan ahead with your planter selection and your supports, the more artistic you can get with training your vines to grow in beautiful patterns and shapes. To see a full gallery of ideas and more information about how to choose a planter for vines, check out our online store today!

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