How to Turn Your Planter Into An Indoor Succulent Garden

Planting an indoor succulent garden can really help to liven up your home or office space. Succulents are very desirable because of their unique look, low maintenance, and non-allergenic qualities. They also come in a wide range of sizes and colors to accommodate any room.

Indoor succulent

If you are ready to transform your fiberglass planter into a lush succulent garden, here’s what you need to do:

Gather Your Supplies

First, you need a fiberglass planter with a large opening on top. Succulents are very versatile so you don’t necessarily need a very deep planter, but you can use a shallow planter with a broad opening like our Selenge. Once you’ve selected a planter you will need soil for your plants. In most cases, you can buy cactus potting soil pre-mixed from a store. Cactus and succulent soil is different from other soil types because it is meant to drain well and does not hold as much moisture. If you cannot find cactus soil, you can buy regular potting soil and add some sand to the mix. This ensures that the soil is porous and closely matches the natural growing environment of the plants you choose. Finally, you will need gravel to put at the bottom of your planter. The layer of gravel will also assist with drainage, and gives the succulents somewhere dry to put their roots.

You will probably want to have a pair of gloves handy as well. Many succulents have spines or thorns that you will have to navigate around as you do your planting.

Choose Your Plants

As we mentioned above, succulents come in many varieties. To create a really organic look in your planter, you will want to buy a range of colors and sizes that you can mix and match. Make sure to pick out one or two large succulents to serve as the focal point of your display, and then smaller varieties to give your planter some depth and texture.

Put Your Design Together

Start assembling your indoor succulent garden by placing the layer of gravel in the planter first. Then fill the planter most of the way to the top with your cactus ready soil. Gently remove your largest succulent from its pot and position it in your planter where you want it. Some people choose to place their largest plants in the very center and work outward in rounds, but if you have a long straight-edged planter, you may want to place the largest plants in the back and work forward in half-circles.

A special note about succulents: succulents naturally grow in little clusters. They don’t typically compete for resources because they require so little in the way of water. Thus, when you are planning your design, try to create clusters of your own. You don’t have to space the plants out like you would with flowers or other plants, which would look quite unnatural in a succulent garden. Just make sure that all the roots are sufficiently covered, and you should be okay to plant your succulents in colorful groups however you like.

That’s really all it takes to build a beautiful indoor succulent garden in a fiberglass planter. Planters are perfect for creating succulent gardens because these plants require little maintenance and won’t get cramped living in a planter as time goes on. With a properly planted succulent garden, you can enjoy a beautiful green view year round!

For more information about fiberglass planters for succulents, look at our full collection of colorful fiberglass indoor planter options. We can help you plan the perfect indoor succulent display in any size or shape to fit your home or commercial space.

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