12 Flower Pot Color Ideas: Go Potty and Design Your Own Pots!

Hello there. How are you? Looking for something to do to pass the time at home? Let’s think about an activity which keeps us busy and brings us peace and tranquility,

These are flowers and plants. Whatever space you have, whatever living space you got, you can have a few plants around, and guess what? You can make your own painted flower pots!

Flowers bring us into the natural world. This is a nice escape. Though, those flower pots and planters can be a bit boring. Plain brown and black colors, grayish tones, blue and green varieties. Unless you have very colorful flowers, the whole plant can look a bit bland.

What can I do?

Let’s look at some different ideas for some plant pot coloring. It suits everyone during those times of boredom. You can get creative. It improves your tenacity. It gives your mind a direction.

Handmade potted plants
Handmade potted plants @ @ CHU17 / Getty Images

It gives the opportunity for a great DIY project during those summer months. We’ll look at how to prepare the plant pots for decoration. We offer a dozen ideas to create the flower pot in your own unique ways.

Preparation of the flower pot

You can use any flower pot type. Clay pots and terracotta pots are commonly used for decoration. You can use wood, metal, and plastic as well. This is a good time to clean a do a bit of pot painting on those old pots. You just need to make sure the tools you use for your DIY Project fit the flower pot material you design.

Prepare the pot

A word to the wise here regarding painted flower pots. Some pots are porous, particularly terracotta pots and clay pots. You need to scrub and wash every pot with 1/10 bleach and 9/10 water.

Before you paint pots like these, they need to be sealed. Sealing stops water from evaporating out of the flower pot. It keeps moisture in the soil and keeps the flower pot exterior dry.

Prepare your artwork and ideas to develop your design in advance. You don’t want to lose your incredible design due to a mismatch of paint, styles, and flower pot types.

Creative materials for your design

Any kind of paint can be used. You should find some multi-surface paint for flower pots that will go on display outside. Remember to seal the pot. If you are using patterns or different colors, think about stencils and spray paint.

painting flower pots
Painting flower pots @ CHU17 / Getty Images

Decorative items like glitter can work. Mod podge is a solid adhesive style of glue. This helps you to stick items and pictures onto the flower pot or planter.

The display area for your flower pots

Think about the flower pot display area. Will it be indoors or outdoors? Which kind of paint suits the planters or flower pots you’ll decorate?

The place where the flower pot goes will suit what you create. Consider the home decor. Think about suitable paint.

12 pot design ideas

So, you have all the design tools ready. You know how to best decorate your planter type. Still, you need ideas about which kind of painted flower pot you want. Can these flower pots be easy or different to make? What would be a suitable DIY project?

Let’s look at 12 ideas for creating flower pots. They range in difficulty and suit different kinds of character. Here is a selection. Have a look and see if there is a planter style you could create.

The flower pot design for the hobbyist

1. Photo pots

This is a lovely way to display memories in the home. You can take old pictures from a great travel experience. Show photos from the old days, or even look back at pictures that show a special memory, such as a wedding or birthday.

Photo pots
Photo pots @ Internet

You can use mod potch to stick photos on the pot. Some print out pictures and laminate them beforehand. A few like color, some have black and white. Whatever you choose, this becomes a painted planter full of memories!

2. Mosaic Pots

This comes in a range of different patterns and colors. You can do so much with mosaic designs. The pot painting is structured yet fun. You can create this kind of painted flower pot to your liking. A stencil or pattern template helps when creating this style.

Mosaic Pots
Mosaic Pots @ Canva pro

Using paint comes recommended. You don’t need to stick with paint, however. mosaic is a distinct pattern or style of pot. You can be creative with the tools you use. You can stay traditional, or literally go potty and bedazzled everyone with a crazy design for your terracotta pots!

3. Weathered pots

This is when you need to bring out the old flower pots. Be warned that this is more about preparation and presentation as much as painting. The shades make the old pots look weathered.

Blue Door Weathered Stucco Potted Cactus Plants
Blue Door Weathered Stucco Potted Cactus Plants @ jaypierstorffphoto / Canva Pro

Gray pots suit this weathered tone in a flower pot. You can take a few old pots (or new, your choice) and make it one of your personal DIY projects. This can look extremely effective, retro style, and can be formed from all plant pot types. The milk carton and old wooden crate look very rustic in a traditional country garden.

4. Dots, stars, and stripes pots

This almost sounds like the American flag, doesn’t it? Flags are a cool way to show painted flower pots. Though, these styles are much more creative. Get some terra cotta pots. Get some paint. Apply the dots. Or put on the stripes. Or cover it with stars! It is simple, yet effective and can be personalized.

Dot neon painted on flower pot
Dot neon painted on flower pots @ Internet

You can draw on these flower pots almost anything you want using dots. A white image on a dark pot stands out in the garden. Stripes can be in a multitude of colors or shades. I’d consider using funky colored elastic bands on a plain painted flower pot. You might want to mod podge glitter stars all over your flower pots.

5. The Flags of our Fathers Pots

This is a disputed area of creativity for those against nationalism. It needn’t be though. For those interested in the world, it offers a global ambiance to your garden. You can get the stars and stripes of the good ole USA. The painted flower pot can have all kinds of flags from across the world.

Flower pot with American flag decoration
Flower pot with American flag decoration @ Internet

Imagine having a global Garden of Eden. You have beautiful flowers, shrubs, and herbs from all over the world. Yet, no one knows where they come from. Now, you can show them. You can have flora from Asia, Europe, and America and the pot to show that. Articulation is required though, as it isn’t easy to paint that Welsh flag!

6. Food, glorious food pots

This is a pot painting that will take you straight to the kitchen. It is also a lot of fun with paint. In fact, there are a lot of ideas to be followed when you create these flower pots. You have to consider the plants in the pot in this creation. Flowers should always be the main focus, no matter how delicious the flower pot might be.

Watermelon flower pot
Watermelon flower pot @ Internet

This DIY project ranges in complexity. Consider the paint mix and think about any add ons required to make the plant pot look like food. Think about rose ice cream. Or a shrub carrot flower pot. Some like watermelon and pineapple flower pots. Others like to get more creative and make a bowl of noodle soup.

Family DIY Projects

With longer holidays than usual, and times when you can’t go out, make the garden your inspiration. Creating new pots is a fun way to decorate the house and get the kids to draw attention away from destructiveness. Make sure the tools you use are safe and child-friendly.

7. Make a story

This is the ultimate story flower pot. The kids (or you!) can draw a story on the flower pot! These are painted flower pots that will be treasured in later years. Save some nice terra cotta pots for this fabulous artwork.

Drawing on pots with family member
Drawing on pots with family member @ Canva pro

Make sure the painted flower pot exterior is sealed. You can apply paint then. You might want to do a storyboard first, before painting on the story. You can use one pot, or a few terracotta pots, to create a story. It is creative and improves children’s organizational skills. Most importantly, it keeps you all busy!

8. Chalkboard pots

Add a layer of chalkboard around the pot. Hey, presto, you’ve got a pot to learn all subjects at home or in your garden! Do this with clay or terra cotta pot, as they are strong enough to hold the outer layer.

Chalkboard pots
Chalkboard pots @ Internet

Sometimes, we just think paint, paint, paint, when we create pots for the interior or the garden. It isn’t necessary. These pots allow children to continue being creative. The planters or pots can be a maths class on Friday, and a happy face on Saturday!

9. Clay pot creatures

This is a pot painting to make a new pet. You can make all kinds of insects using clay pots and terracotta pots. Think about a chrysanthemum back spider or a long shrub caterpillar planter. Or consider a rose-top butterfly and marigold-haired bee as hanging baskets. They brighten up any room or garden.

Clay pot bug buddies
Clay pot bug buddies @ Internet

You’ll be covered in paint doing when you create your creature. This is quite the challenge for pot painting. You may need additional materials to supplement the pot shape. To spray before adding paint touches can sometimes work better. This is such a delightful activity to do as a family during Summer!

10. Environmentally friendly pots

The kids have some extensive anti-pollution training at school nowadays. Some of them get really motivated. You can get some real little eco-warriors running around the place. How would they feel about painted flower pots that damage our environment? Our world should be protected, right?

Reusing Plastic Bottle as Flower Pot
Reusing Plastic Bottle as Flower Pot @ Alex Liew / Getty Images Signature

This is a project for the DIY painted planter. It needs inspiration. Look for old glass bottles or used metal cans. Reuse old terra cotta pots. Consider recycled tools where possible. Eco-friendly paint perhaps? Needs a creative mind to make the pots look good. Mind you, you’re saving the planet. That’s never easy!

11. The science project pot

Yawn and splutter is probably what most think when seeing this title. However, I concur. This is an amazing way to display foliage. There are so many different shapes, sizes, and varieties of flora and fauna that can go into a science project garden. This is truly a set of planters that can provide inspiration.

The science project of displaying foliage @ Internet

Think about experiment bottles and test tubes. Consider how scientists had to observe plants from other worlds. Imagine the times of Charles Darwin. Paint is used, but minimally here. The fascination is what you observe. Glass is the only way to show growth.

12. The Fairy Tale Land pot

This is one of the most inspirational painted flower pots you can design. It needs a diverse range of paint, sculpting, and landscape design. You’re making a new world here. You’re a landscape architect.

Disney-style planter
Cartoon-style planter @ Internet

Clay pots and different styles of paint can be used. Garden figurines may add a nice touch. You can have a Disney-style planter, or tell a tale from the Monkey King. You can make this the showpiece of your garden.

Design your own pot

You can keep the same tone as the planter. You can add decorative items. You can personalize for your garden, do it as a children’s activity, or bring out the artist in you!

And if you’re looking for a bit of background first before you venture into these adventures, check out this post to learn how to choose planter colors!

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