8 Time-Saving And Striking Florida Front Yard Landscaping Ideas & Design Tips

Here in Central Florida, where the summer heat is intensely hot and humid, and soil quality and water constraints throw up numerous challenges, landscape design can actually feel like a daunting task. Your options might seem restricted, so why even bother?

However, this needn’t be the case!

You actually have a wide range of landscaping options thanks to Florida’s warm and humid climate. From lush foliage to vividly colored blossoms, you can create an eye-catching landscaping plan in your front and backyard with just a few tips.

So, if you have decided to level up your front yard, here are some Florida landscaping ideas for you to get started!

What is South Florida-friendly landscaping?

Landscapes in South Florida are at their best when they reflect the area’s tropical culture. The lushness of palms, ferns, and other tropical plants with their rich green leaves and vivid bursts of color is a must-have for outdoor settings.

The vivid colors of hardscape materials match the abundant sunlight. Common building materials include cold gray stone, white stucco, brilliant concrete, and white stucco, which beautifully contrast with darker plant colors.

8 ideal Florida front yard landscaping ideas

1. Budget-friendly landscape

©mediamodifier / Unsplash

To have a beautiful yard, whether it’s a front or backyard landscape, you don’t need to invest a lot of money or work with a professional landscape designer.

Consider using more affordable native plants from your area rather than expensive exotics. Skip the sod and explore other options if you don’t yet have a lawn.

Pine needles, broken shells, or pea gravel might all be used to create a landscape pattern for your lawn. Combining these elements will increase the diversity of colors and textures in your landscape design and become an attractive feature to make your neighbor’s heads turn.

Need more ideas for a parched landscape? have a look at our article on Awesome Inexpensive Desert Landscaping Ideas When On A Budget.

2. Low maintenance landscape

©borisdebusscher / unsplash

If you don’t have much time to take good care of your yard, look deeper into grass-free landscaping trends.

Cutting down on the amount of grass in your landscape is not only one of the best techniques to reduce costs, but it also reduces maintenance too.

Although the idea of artificial grass seems a little unusual, installing turf has several benefits. In general, artificial turf is a surface made of synthetic fibers that mimic real grass. Not only this method requires low maintenance but also low cost over time.

If artificial grass is not your thing, there is another choice mentioned before, rocks!

Adding rocks or stones breaks up the pattern for a modest natural accent, even if you select a different material for the garden bed border.

Sometimes, using rocks in your front yard landscaping can also provide a practical purpose, such as creating a rock spillway for your gutters to prevent an area from being overly muddy. A bed can be divided up, or you can edge your walks with pea gravel. 

©Jay Scotts / Our Jay Scotts planters make landscaping easy, neat, and tidy.

3. Shady garden

In Florida, the sun is quite intense, which may make being outside unbearably hot. Adding shade trees to your yard can help to block the sun and provide a cool space to relax.

A plant with taller growth and big leaves is the best for providing shade. The Elephant plant is a fantastic choice for this because of its big, flat leaves, which resemble the ears of an elephant.

Vines and climbers are yet another imaginative gardening concept. For a natural shade that lets the sun shine, you may let them grow up and over your pergola.

Have a look at our article on How To Use a Planter For Vines And Climbersfor more details!

4. Privacy garden or patio

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Our Jay Scotts planters provide professional-looking privacy. ©davidbondst // christinaccollins

Consider using your landscape to create a natural wall if your neighbors are closer than you would like them to be.

Using your landscape to create a natural barrier is a lovely alternative to building up a fence yet requires low maintenance. Your Florida yard will be more enjoyable if you have more privacy.

Choosing plants with lush foliage is an easy idea. Allowing the plants to mature will help them fill the space and improve branching. Making a more airy design is an additional choice. You don’t need to build an enormous fence to cover the neighbors’ sight lines; instead, you may design certain landscape features in key spaces.

With a little help, plants can be used in any outside area in the shape of a natural wall. The best tool? Linear planters. With a slim rectangular profile, our linear planter collection was designed to tackle these challenges. By planting in containers, you arrange your landscape exactly how you like it – and can even re-arrange when you want to too!

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5. Tropical garden

©Antonina Potapenko / Shutterstock

You may cultivate tropical plants as part of your landscaping even if you don’t reside in south Florida. The majority of the state is considered humid subtropical.

The summer here in south Florida is long, heated, and humid. Then the winter is chilly but not harsh. Therefore, though southern Florida has a designated tropical climate, tropical plants may still be grown across much of the state.

Choose Loropetalum, commonly known as the Chinese Fringe Flower. The foliage of this little shrub is vibrant and attractive all year long.

Or Crotons, a favorite in Florida that can add brilliant tropical color and grows to six feet tall. Don’t go crazy, though; add some greenery to balance these bold species.

6. Xeriscaping

©Kathryn Roach / Shutterstock

This kind of landscaping is ideal for harsh climate since it involves a water-conserving garden that incorporates drought-tolerant plants and hardscapes. Your yard will look nice year-round with xeriscaping and you won’t need to water it. Low-maintenance plants that can withstand dryness are easily found in South Florida.

Reduce the amount of turf in the garden and replace it with ornamental grasses or native, drought-tolerant species that, once they have grown deep roots, do not require irrigation. Create walls, paved sections, rock formations, and paths with hardscaping materials. To stop water from evaporating from the soil surface, cover the soil with a lot of mulch.

Think of creating a mixed forest around the property with palm trees, pines, and oaks, these plants go perfectly well with this landscaping.

7. Pathway landscape

©whoisrobinhood / Unsplash

To avoid trampling your lawn or plants, add a pathway through your Florida landscaping. Additionally, when it has recently rained and the ground is moist, it is a nicer area to walk on. Hardscape is the term used to describe these features.

Concrete, stones, pavers, and gravel make up hardscaping. Combining them produces a diversity of textures that adds visual appeal.

Although concrete is an option, it is less visually appealing and may be rather pricey. Make a pathway made of pavers, stones, or bricks that runs through your backyard instead.

8. Vibrant landscape

©thirstyturfirrigation / Unsplash

Enjoy the richness of life that Florida has to offer. Flowering plants known as annuals provide a season-long burst of color.

They are vibrant and simple to plant in your garden. These flowering plants also draw insects like butterflies and honey bees, which bring vitality to your flower bed.

Consider planting perennials if you’d rather not use annuals in your landscaping yearly. Time after time, these plants will continue to blossom.

Perennials are plants that live for a long time and have flowers. You might pick a ground cover that spreads on its own. Or you can grow low-growing, compact shrubs. Some trees will also develop a tall height and provide you with many blossoms.

This beautiful low-water perennial garden gives a lush setting in contrast to the wide-open walkways to the front porch.

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Florida front yard landscaping tips

Do not forget that the planter does affect plant size

Since Florida has a year-round growing season, everything here grows quickly. Think of the tree or plant’s size when it is mature and how much space you have for trees and bushes, not simply just plant them.

Remove your shrubs

Just because a shrub has been there for a while doesn’t mean you can keep it. In fact, this is more of a cause to remove them.

A shrub’s lifetime is rather short, about a couple of decades. Then they become overgrown, unkempt, and dotted with dead areas. Planting shrubs in planters makes it easier to arrange them and protect them in shadier areas of your garden when they start to lose their vitality.

©Jay Scotts / Our rectangle planters are great for adding shrubs in a professional, clean, and convenient way.

Illuminate your front yard with strategically-placed lighting

Lighting can add a lot of finesse to your landscape design, whether it be a string of fairy lights on your patio, path lights down your stone walkway or recessed ground lights scattered around the front of the yard. There’s no need to look for your phone’s flashlight when you get home late at night because front yard landscaping lighting is practical as well.

Additionally, the purpose of front yard lights is for security, not just curb appeal. People will be less likely to peep through your windows or hide in the bushes if your home is well-lit. This also makes it easier for neighbors to notice any potential intruders.

FAQ: Florida landscaping ideas

©freegraphictoday / unsplash

What can you plant in front of your house in Florida?

Here is a list of Florida’s favorite plants:

  • Chinese fringe flower. The foliage of this little shrub is vibrant and attractive all year long.
  • Gold Mound Duranta. For vibrant yellow foliage that is as attractive as any flower, choose Gold Mound Duranta. It grows from two to four feet tall and wide, and as a bonus, it blooms with tiny lavender flowers.
  • Crotons. Another Florida’s favorite plant, Crotons grow well in this environment and give dazzling tropical color. Don’t overdo it. Greenery can soften the boldness of these plants.
  • For shade, Azaleas are a good choice. Only once a year do they bloom, but the rest of the year they provide a lovely, green framework that softens your hue.
  • For a beautiful, tropical impression, group Perennial Lily of the Nile. Pretty, deep blue flower clusters are perched atop slender, evergreen foliage on stalks.

Take a look at 5 Red, White, And Blue Flowers For The Perfect Patriotic Garden Displayfor more colorful landscaping ideas.

How do I landscape my front yard on a budget?

Here are three low-cost front yard landscaping ideas:

Instead of a lawn, use rocks and pebbles.

Planter Boxes
Planter Boxes / ©DKoliha

Replace the entire front grass with a mixture of pebbles, rocks, and plants for another rocky concept for your front yard. Throughout the year, you’ll spend less on various maintenance expenses like watering and sodding. Additionally, since you won’t have to mow the lawn as frequently, you’ll have plenty of time to concentrate on your backyard landscaping.

Plant Young Trees

A single tree makes a great focal point for a small front yard. Focal plants will also provide your home with much-needed shade once it is fully grown, which might reduce your heating and cooling bills.

Before getting the wheelbarrow out, spend some time thinking about these front yard landscaping suggestions. You’ll be well on your way to designing a lovely front yard on a tight budget after you decide the direction you want to take your landscaping.

Build a stepping stone path

Although it takes a little more effort, this time-tested front yard landscaping option is surprisingly affordable. Stepping stones can be installed in several ways, such as by digging holes and filling them with cement or by buying individual stones from a landscaping supply store.


hardscape planters
©Jay Scotts / Lasting-Greenery

Any landscaping element that isn’t a plant is called a hardscape. Hardscapes include things like retaining walls, stone walkways, and outdoor living areas like patio, fire pit, and decks.

These features are fantastic since they occupy vacant spaces that would otherwise be covered in grass and other plants that you would need to maintain and don’t require any upkeep.

A hardscape installation is a quick, one-time project that looks excellent and can even raise the value of a home.


Planters are especially effective in commercial resorts. Read more. ©Geomantic Designs | Landscape Architecture

Functioning as hardscape features, planters go a step further in yard landscaping. Able to cover parts of your lawn and provide vestibules for plants to grow neatly and in a controlled environment, planters are the growing trend in biophilic design.

See more ways to invest in biophilic design.

Planter Etcetera Planters

fiberglass planters

Planters Etc specializes in professional-grade fiberglass planters that are designed for both commercial and residential use. Fiberglass planters are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a container that is durable enough to last for many seasons and still be lightweight enough to easily rearrange when your plant if it’s getting too much or not enough sun. Plus our fiberglass planters look stunning!

Learn more about why we chose to offer the exclusive Jay Scotts Collection of fiberglass planters.

When should I do landscaping in Florida?

Because of the warmer environment in Florida, you can plant all year long.

If you plant in the spring or summer, you will notice increased and faster growth, and if you plant in the late fall or winter, you will see slower growth.

How do I landscape my small backyard?

You can do a lot from a design perspective to turn a small backyard into an enjoyable and useful space that also serves as an outdoor retreat. Here is how you can do it:

Split the spaces

Japanese gardens often divide a space to add a sense of surprise. For instance, designate a space for outside eating while keeping the furnishings for relaxing aside. To distinguish the outside spaces, use plants, small walls, linear fountains, or simply contrasting surfaces; pavers, decking, gravel, artificial turf, and of course planters!

Utilize a focal point

Large planter next to a house
©Blu Bambu Home and Garden / John Hooper / Planters Etc

A focal point’s purpose is to focus your attention on a certain section of your backyard landscape. Perhaps this is a large sculpture or a colorful wall. Wood gazebos may also serve as the focal point of a backyard and don’t need to take up a lot of room. To catch the eye and create a pleasant meeting area, add colorful cushions and furniture.

Planters also work great as focal points, especially with our designs and colors!

See what we can do

planters in resort next to pool
©Jay Scotts / The Gates

See our products in a number of use cases from commercial to residential! Plus tips on how to do it yourself.

Final thoughts

A house with lush landscaping is unquestionably one of the most appealing things you can see. Plus, it’s a wise choice to landscape your yard since it increases the value of your house.

Whether you have a green thumb or not, you can design a sustainable and lovely front yard in Florida.

Let us help you with your landscaping needs – our high-quality fiberglass planters are made of durable, tough, and delightful fiberglass material. Choose from a variety of 18 stunning colors and as many as four textures to suit your design goals.

All our planters come with an industry-leading warranty emphasizing the commitment and value of our fiberglass planters.

Feel free to contact us and our sales consultants will be more than happy to walk you through any outstanding questions or requests you might have.

However, if you’re ready to transform your Florida garden into a garden of Eden, then get shopping!

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