5 of the Most Popular Pots to Choose From

Choosing types of plant pots can be a big decision for those who want to add something new to their lawn, home or next to your yacht. The range of plant planters available today means that there’s something which will suit every budget, style and taste. Many garden containers can also be customized to suit your needs. Here are some of your options.

Wooden Pots

Wood pots

Wooden pots have a rustic effect. These containers also provide a good insulating effect on the plants’ roots. Durability can be a problem with wooden tubs. On the other hand, there are protective stains that can be used to protect the containers from various elements. With proper maintenance, wooden tubs can last for a year or two.

Plastic Pots

Plastic pots

You can find plastic pots everywhere. Plastic pots are cheap, light and available in a wide range of sizes, colors and shapes. The downside is they easily fade, crack and do not look rich or refined.

Reconstituted Stone Pots

Stone pots

Reconstituted stone pots are heavier than wooden containers. These pots are a good option if you are planning to place them in a fairly permanent area. Reconstituted stone pots often have ornate designs and would look good in formal settings. You can place near the entrance of your house so that your guests or neighbors will see them.

Terracotta or Ceramic Pots

Terracotta pots

Terracotta or ceramic pots are available unglazed or glazed. These pots are reasonably durable but can crack or break, so terracotta pots would surely suit you if you are looking for something that wouldn’t last for a long time. Please don’t forget to keep the weight in mind as they can be nearly impossible to move once planted.

Fiberglass Pots

If you don’t find the garden pots available in the market attractive, you can always go for the high end refined look of a Jay Scotts Collection fiberglass planter. Visit a Jay Scotts Distributor’s online store for a wide selection of high quality fiberglass plant planters that are made to enhance any indoor or outdoor area and will last for years to come. See the benefits of fiberglass here. There are almost unlimited color, shape and size combinations available.

How to Choose Plant Pots

You should consider how the plant planters would look with your interior design and furniture. It is also important to consider the ornamental plants that you’ll transplant into the pots. Getting a good set of planters is a great idea if you’re planning to create a terrace garden.

Remember that garden pots should serve as a lovely container for your decorative plants. The planter should not only be beautiful, but also support the growth of the plant. The planter’s size is important as well. Small pots should not be used for large shrubs or placed in the corner of a small area. Consider the quality of the planter. Poorly made garden planters can break or easily crack with slight movements or pressure. Get durable garden pots if you are planning to put them outdoors.

It is also important to consider the planter’s drainage capability and porosity. Some people buy garden pots without knowing if the containers are the right choice for the plants. Garden pots that have no holes will fill with excess water and soak the plants, so you need to make sure that the container has holes or a way of draining water.

Always consider the kind of garden you want to have before purchasing a set of planters. A variety of containers and pots that complement each other will make your garden look exquisite. We have everything you need in our online store!

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