10 Creative Ideas for Your Pots and Planters

The best thing about the pots and planters we carry here at Planters Etcetera is that they can be used for a range of things  at your business, around the home, on the patio and in the garden. In order to provide you with some style inspiration, we have compiled a list of 10 creative ways you can use your new garden pots and plant containers!

  • Stack Them Up – Some of our pots can be stacked on top of one another to create a dimensional look. Simply place the stacked display in the garden, at the entry of your home, in the foyer or anywhere else that needs a little sprucing up.

Stacked planters

  • Design Your Own Herb Garden – Why spend money on spices and herbs at the grocery store when you can grow them at home using your planting pots and garden containers.

Planter herb garden

  • Create a Magical Fairy Garden – Fairy gardens are all the rage these days! Grab yourself a large garden planter, pick up the fairy supplies you need and get to creating your own mini garden.

 Fairy garden

  • Border Your Garden Wall – Define the walls of your garden by placing multiple pots or planters at the base of them. You can create a uniformed look with containers in the same shape and size or you can mix it up with various models.

Border with planters

  • Add Privacy on the Patio – Keep nosy neighbors from peeking into your patio by adding a privacy hedge using our plant containers. Tall plants, such as bamboo, palms and juniper, are some of the best because they grow tall and fast.

Privacy with planters

  • Craft a Vertical Planter – If you’re limited on space, you can always use our pots to make your own vertical planter. All you have to do is add them to a wooden pallet or fasten them to a wall in the pattern you prefer.

Vertical garden

  • Start a Movable Orchard – Grab a few large tree pots and plant your favorite shade trees, fruit trees and bushes in them to make an orchard you can move around. This option is ideal for renters!

Fruit trees in planter

  • Make a Divider – Need to section off an area in your business , in the garden or inside the home? Line up a few rectangular planters in a row to make your own divider just the way you need it.

Divider with planters

  • Build a Water Fountain – Another fun way to use your garden pots and planters is by creating a DIY water fountain for the garden or the inside of the home. All you need are some good tools, some weather-resistant pots and the right supplies.
  • Use them to Craft – There are all kinds of cool crafts you can make using pots and garden planters. Simply perform a quick online search and you will find lots of neat ideas!


             Are you inspired and ready to discover new ways you can use your pots and planters? Check out our wide selection to find the models that best fit your needs!

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